Sasha Bordeaux

Sasha Bordeaux

Sasha Bordeaux as seen in Checkmate Vol.2 #2 (July 2006)
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Detective Comics #751 (December 2000)
Created by Greg Rucka
Shawn Martinbrough
In-story information
Alter ego Sasha Bordeaux
Team affiliations Checkmate
Notable aliases Black Queen, Black King's Bishop
Abilities An OMAC cyborg independent of Brother Eye, also infrared vision in cybernetic eye, resistant to telepathy

Sasha Bordeaux is a fictional character in the DC Universe. She was at first primarily associated with Batman, and has subsequently evolved an association with Checkmate in two of its incarnations. She was created by Greg Rucka and Shawn Martinbrough, and first appeared in Detective Comics #751.[1]

Fictional character biography

Bodyguard, superhero

Sasha Bordeaux first appeared as an attractive young martial artist who was hired as Bruce Wayne's bodyguard by WayneCorp's second in command, Lucius Fox, albeit against Wayne's wishes. Wayne at first tried to avoid her, but she kept on doing her job.

She eventually became suspicious of his constant late-night disappearances and did some searching, and was shocked to find that Bruce Wayne was secretly Batman.[1] Knowing he couldn't legally fire her for knowing of his secret identity, Batman began training her to become his apprentice.[2] After weeks of hard work, she became fit enough to go out with him on patrol in a suit, though he still treated her as a total stranger both as Batman and as Bruce Wayne. During this time, she fell in love with him, even as he insisted on having her around while he dated other women.


One night while Batman and Bordeaux were out on patrol, the assassin David Cain lured Wayne's ex-girlfriend Vesper Fairchild to Wayne Manor and killed her, framing Wayne in the process.[3] Both Wayne and Bordeaux were charged with murder, and Sasha refused to exonerate herself by giving up Wayne's secret despite the fact that they had been patrolling separate areas at the time of the murder and therefore even she couldn't be sure Bruce hadn't killed Vesper.[4] They were both arraigned and held without bail while awaiting trial. After a while, Batman escaped to leave his alter ego behind, leaving Bordeaux inside Blackgate prison. Although Sasha was briefly offered her freedom if she testified against Bruce Wayne— even contemplating taking the deal after Bruce abandoned her— a meeting with Alfred Pennyworth, who had recently returned to Gotham after spending time away, left her resolved to reject the offer. Alfred helped her realize that Bruce had truly valued her work, rather than using her without any thought for herself, as otherwise he would never have allowed her to accompany him as Batman. Batman eventually confronted those who framed him, and Wayne and Sasha were cleared of all charges.[1]


While in prison custody, Sasha was severely wounded by another prisoner and would have died had the government agency Checkmate not given her medical treatment. They faked her death and offered to give her a new name and identity (complete with plastic surgery) if she would work for them. With no other options, she agreed.[1]

Batman tirelessly searched for Sasha, not believing she had died in prison. To facilitate this, he disrupted all of Checkmate's operations in Gotham City. The group eventually organized a meeting between the two, where Wayne confessed that he loved her. Sasha, though feeling the same way, realized that her new life would prevent them from being together and told him to let her go.

Over time, Bordeaux rose through the ranks of Checkmate to become right hand to Maxwell Lord, the group's leader. Lord later hijacked the Brother I satellite that Batman had created to monitor all superhuman activity. Brother I itself had recently become sentient due to the actions of Alexander Luthor, Jr. as a part of his plans for the Infinite Crisis. He also created an army of cyborgs known as OMACs (who are originally human, transformed when needed by a virus) programmed to hunt and kill all superhumans and/or specific targets. During his rule, Lord killed all who opposed him, assisted by Brother I who monitors for rebellion. Sasha feigns loyalty to stay alive, but breaks this when Lord kills his former ally Blue Beetle, and orders Sasha to dispose of his corpse. Filled with hatred for herself and Lord, she sent Kord's trademark goggles to Batman as part of a message detailing Lord's madness.

When Brother I revealed Sasha's betrayal, he sent out an OMAC squad who found Sasha and Batman in an abandoned warehouse just after they share a kiss. The OMACs' goal of killing Batman and taking Sasha only partly succeeds as Batman escapes. Lord, realizing he cannot get any information out of Sasha, imprisons her and brainwashes Superman in an attempt to kill Batman. To stop this, Wonder Woman snaps Lord's neck, killing him instantly.


With the help of another imprisoned agent, Jessica Midnight (who had attempted to assassinate Lord earlier), Bordeaux escaped and set out to kill Lord, unaware he was already dead. As they were on their way out, an OMAC attacked the two and impaled Bordeaux. This attack somehow activated her latent inner programming, turning her into an OMAC cyborg. However, she retained most of her human features, although her skin now resembles a metallic coating and one of her eye sockets is empty. She also found that she retained her free will; unlike the other OMACs, she was not under Brother I's control.

With Lord's death, Brother I rechristened itself "Brother Eye" and activated all the remaining OMACs to kill Earth's superhumans. Bordeaux contacted the other various factions of Checkmate who had left when Lord took over, apologizing for Lord and asking them to rejoin.

She then created a computer virus and hooked herself up to the Brother Eye satellite; the virus, along with a massive electromagnetic pulse blast created by the various superheroes, disabled the majority of the OMACs. Brother I escaped with 200,000 OMACS.

She later reunited with Batman, who comforts her when she tells him she was now a machine.

Infinite Crisis

Eventually, with the aid of the new Blue Beetle, Batman located Brother Eye. He then gathered a team of heroes, including Bordeaux, to attempt to destroy it (Infinite Crisis #5 and #6). The attack sent Brother Eye crashing to Earth, but the satellite's central memory remained intact. With the various superheroes needed elsewhere, Batman tasked Bordeaux with destroying Brother Eye once and for all. Sasha resists the machine's brainwashing long enough to blow it up. She survives the blast, albeit at the cost of the majority of her OMAC shell.

One year later

One year after Infinite Crisis, Bordeaux became the "Black Queen" of the Checkmate organization. In the first issue of the new Checkmate comic series, she leads a group of operatives into a Kobra stronghold. As the new series began, Bordeaux was depicted as a cold-blooded killer; it remains to be seen whether this is an after-effect of her conversion to cyborg or due to events of the previous year. Her "the ends justify the means" attitude towards the success of Checkmate missions has put her into conflict with Alan Scott. She is also in conflict with several of her Checkmate colleagues, particularly Fire and Mister Terrific, with whom she is romantically involved. As the series progressed, this aspect of her personality was rarely referred to again. In a 2007 story arc involving The Outsiders, Bordeaux suffered extreme torture at the hands of Chang Tzu who wished to learn more about her cybernetic implants. Although she survived this encounter (barely), subsequent issues have had her fighting to regain her confidence, especially when the healing process results in even more of her body becoming cybernetic.[1]

In Manhunter (#27, January 2007), Sasha intervenes in the trial of Wonder Woman (for murdering Maxwell Lord) by secretly delivering exonerating evidence to Wonder Woman's lawyer, Kate Spencer.

Final Crisis

During the events of "Final Crisis", Sasha forms a small resistance team that includes Snapper Carr, her current romantic interest Mister Terrific, an artificial intelligence and later, the villain Cheetah. They cause much damage against the conquering forces of Darkseid, mainly utilizing Snapper's teleportation power. When Sasha is infected by the Anti-Life Formula, the OMAC nanites in her body put her in a coma to prevent the spread of the infection. After Snapper's powers are neutralized, Mister Terrific realizes they must re-activate all OMACS that are left. The only way to do this is to revive Sasha and retrieve the OMAC codes from her nanites. The activation of the OMACs is successful, but the revival causes Sasha's biological processes to shut down.[5]

JSA vs. Kobra

In the 2009 miniseries "JSA Vs. Kobra", Mr. Terrific, along with Dr. Mid-Nite, are keeping a comatose Sasha alive via life support, with the hope that they will be able to cure her. By the end of the series, Sasha is restored to life and passionately kisses Mr. Terrific.[6] This is the last appearance of Sasha for six years.

DC Rebirth

A new interpretation of Sasha debuts in Wonder Woman volume 3, as part of the DC Rebirth initiative. In the new continuity, Sasha is a superior to Etta Candy, and is introduced discussing Steve Trevor's mission in the African jungle and a nearby sighting of Wonder Woman. After Etta leaves, she is revealed to be linked to an evil artificial intelligence which is monitoring Sasha and attempting to manipulate Wonder Woman from afar.[7]

Powers and abilities

Even before her transformation, Sasha was a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and marksman. She was skilled enough that Batman allowed her to serve as a sidekick of sorts.

When Sasha was captured by Chang Tzu and studied,[8] he discovered that she had the following abilities:

Sasha also has the ability to turn her nanorobotic components on and off at will, and they also help her to regenerate from damage she sustains, particularly to those non-biological parts of her body.


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