Samuel Schallinger

Samuel Schallinger

Theresienstadt concentration camp,

Prague, Czechoslovakia
Occupation Co-owner of the Imperial and the Bristol hotels in Vienna, Austria

Samuel Schallinger was an Austrian Jewish businessman.


Schallinger was an Austrian Jewish businessman who was co-owner of the Imperial and the Bristol hotels in Vienna, Austria, which today are still among the city of Vienna's grandest hotels.[1]

In 1938, the hotels underwent Aryanization and he was forced to sell his shares. He and his family were deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp near Prague, Czechoslovakia where they all died in 1942.[2][3]

Details of the property seized from Schallinger and other Austrian Jews under the Nazis, and names the famous beneficiaries who took them and never gave them back, are outlined in the book Unser Wien (Our Vienna) by Stephan Templ and Tina Walzer.[4]


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