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Samoan Braille
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Samoan Braille is the braille alphabet of the Samoan language.[1] It is a subset of the basic braille alphabet,

⠁ (braille pattern dots-1)⠑ (braille pattern dots-15)⠋ (braille pattern dots-124)⠛ (braille pattern dots-1245)⠊ (braille pattern dots-24)⠇ (braille pattern dots-123)⠍ (braille pattern dots-134)⠝ (braille pattern dots-1345)⠕ (braille pattern dots-135)⠏ (braille pattern dots-1234)⠎ (braille pattern dots-234)⠞ (braille pattern dots-2345)⠥ (braille pattern dots-136)⠧ (braille pattern dots-1236)⠓ (braille pattern dots-125)⠅ (braille pattern dots-13)⠗ (braille pattern dots-1235)

supplemented by an additional letter to mark long vowels:

⠰ (braille pattern dots-56)⠁ (braille pattern dots-1)⠰ (braille pattern dots-56)⠑ (braille pattern dots-15)⠰ (braille pattern dots-56)⠊ (braille pattern dots-24)⠰ (braille pattern dots-56)⠕ (braille pattern dots-135)⠰ (braille pattern dots-56)⠥ (braille pattern dots-136)

Unlike print Samoan, which has a special letter ʻokina for the glottal stop, Samoan Braille uses the apostrophe , which behaves as punctuation rather than as a consonant. (See Hawaiian Braille, which has a similar setup.)

Samoan Braille has an unusual punctuation mark, a reduplication sign . This is used to indicate that a word is reduplicated, as in segisegi "twilight".


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