Salerno metropolitan railway service

The Salerno metropolitan railway service is a commuter rail system operated by Trenitalia. It serves the city of Salerno in Italy. Salerno has a line 8 km long, extending from the central station to the Stadio Arechi.


The service takes place 29 pairs of trains between the station of Salerno and that of Arechi, until the time change. After the reactivation of the service, in June 2014, the total ran between Salerno and Arechi are in total 48 equivalent to 24 pairs of trains instead of 58 races equivalent to 29 pairs of trains The service category is assigned to regional train.

The course is limited to the municipal area of Salerno and extends for about 8 km; in addition to the station of Salerno, the line has five other stops made specifically for urban placed along the stretch on the surface. The stops Pastena and Arbostella have a single track. Later in the day, there are also racing prolonged to the stations of Salerno and Irno Fratte.

Salerno train station allows the interchange with other regional and national rail lines.

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