Sabah Electricity

Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd.
Industry Energy
Predecessor Sabah Electricity Board (SEB)
Founded 1 September 1998
Headquarters Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Area served
State of Sabah and Federal Territory of Labuan
Key people
Tn Hj Ir. Abd Razak Sallim, Managing Director
Services Electric generation, transmission, and distribution
Number of employees

Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd. (SESB) is an electrical company that generates, transmits and distributes electricity mainly in Sabah and Federal Territory of Labuan. It supplies electrical power to 413,983 customers distributed over a wide area of 74,000 km2. 82.8% of the customers are domestic customers consuming only 28.8% of the power generated. This company employs more than 2,300 employees and the main stakeholders of this company are Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) (80%) and Sabah State Government (20%).


Electricity started in Sabah as early as 1910 supplied by 3 separate organisations. In 1957 these three organisations combined to form North Borneo Electricity Board. When North Borneo formed Malaysia with Federation of Malaya and the Sarawak in 1963 and changed its name to Sabah, this entity was renamed Sabah Electricity Board. On 1 September 1998 Sabah Electricity Board was privatised and became Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd.[1]

Generation capacity

The total generation capacity of SESB is 866.4 MW, 50.3% of the total units generated are purchased from the independent power producers (IPP).

The SESB installed capacity (excluding IPP) of the Sabah Grid which supplies electricity for major towns from Federal Territory Labuan to Tawau is 430.9 MW and the maximum demand is 760 MW (as of Jun 2010).

The East Coast Grid 132kV Transmission Line connecting the major towns in the East Coast has an installed capacity of 333.02MW and the maximum demand is 203.3MW.

The forecast demand growth of electricity is in a region of 7.7% per annum up to the year 2010 and the electricity demand is expected to reach 1,500 MW by the year 2020. To support the growing demand, various generation, transmission and distribution projects will be implemented.

A fully integrated grid connecting the West Coast Grid to the East Coast Grid was completed on 28 July 2007, and about 90% of the customers are now connected to this integrated grid.

Power generation plants

The summary of the list of power plants as follows:[2]

SESB-owned power stations

Major power stations

Name and location Station type Engine configuration Capacity
SJ Patau-Patau Thermal 2 x 32MW, 1 x 33MW, 1 x 15 MW 99.0 MW
SJ Hydro Tenom-Pangi Hydroelectric 3 x 22 MW 66.0 MW
SJ Melawa Thermal 3 x 8 MW, 1 x 20 MW 31.4 MW
SJ Tawau Thermal 4 x 8 MW, 1 x 12 MW, 1 x 20 MW 40.0 MW
SJ Sandakan Thermal 2 x 8.5 MW, 2 x 14 MW, 2 x 19 MW 72.0 MW

Installed capacity by plant type

IPP-owned stations

Overall power generation capacity

Transmission lines

The interconnected system comprises West Coast Power grid and East Coast Power Grid. The transmission circuit length (in circuit-kilometres) as in December 2007:[3]

Overhead lines

Capacity Length (Circuit-km)
275 kV 492.00
123 kV 860.86
132 kV (EC) 659.14
132 kV (WC) 100.34

Underground cable

Capacity Length (Circuit-km)
132 kV 37.90
66 kV 22.16

Submarine cable

Capacity Length (Circuit-km)
132 kV 29.00

Main intake substation

Capacity Number of intake substation
275 kV 2
123 kV 15
132 kV 9
66 kV 7

Power distribution

Distribution system capacity as in August 2009:[4]

Voltage Line length (km) Number of transformers
11 kV 7,421.7 5588
22 kV 260.0 119
33 kV 772.9 50

Electrical consumption

Sector Consumption (GWh) Percentage
Domestic 1,167.11 31%
Commercial 1,440.55 39%
Industrial 1,072.75 29%
Public lighting 46.59 1%

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