Saab Bofors Dynamics CBJ-MS

Saab Bofors Dynamics CBJ-MS

Saab Bofors Dynamics CBJ-MS SMG
Type Personal defense weapon/submachine gun
Place of origin Sweden
Production history
Designed Early 2000s
Produced 2000
Variants None
Weight 2.8 kg (empty)
Length 363 / 565 mm
Barrel length 200 mm

Cartridge 6.5×25mm CBJ and 9×19mm Parabellum
Rate of fire 700 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 2,723 ft/s (830 m/s)
Effective firing range 150 m (6.5×25 CBJ)
Maximum firing range 400 m (6.5×25 CBJ)
Feed system 20, 30 or 100 rounds
Sights Adjustable open sights

The Saab Bofors Dynamics CBJ-MS is a personal defense weapon/submachine gun manufactured by Saab Bofors Dynamics for Sweden. It is chambered for both 6.5×25 CBJ and 9×19mm Parabellum cartridges.


The Saab Bofors CBJ-MS was first shown in August 2000. It is an unusual weapon in several respects, not least because it is meant to fulfill the roles of PDW, assault rifle and, with the addition of a proprietary bipod and 100-round drum magazine, light support weapon. The gun features a top-mounted Picatinny rail for mounting optics, a two-stage trigger for semi-and full automatic fire, a collapsing wire stock, a grip safety, a threaded barrel, and a hollow foregrip which can be used to hold a spare magazine.

The CBJ-MS is capable of being field-converted to fire one of two types of ammunition. For the purely military role, the weapon fires a new 6.5×25 mm CBJ cartridge; but by simply changing the barrel, it can fire 9×19mm Parabellum ammunition for police, training and other operations. The 6.5×25 mm CBJ cartridge has the same overall dimensions as the 9×19 mm cartridge and generates the same level of firing impulse. The projectile is a tungsten insert held in a plastic sabot, fired at a high muzzle velocity (815 m/s) with the ability to defeat current and future body armours. It is claimed to be effective against lightly armoured vehicles such as armoured personnel carriers (APCs). Advantages claimed for the 6.5×25 mm CBJ cartridge include a high impact velocity, a high hit probability due to the flat trajectory, high energy transfer to the target, and low levels of barrel wear and corrosion. The cartridge case is aluminium. Each 6.5×25 mm CBJ cartridge weighs 4.5 g and has an overall length of 29.7 mm. The projectile weight is 2 g. The combat range of the cartridge is stated to be up to 400 m.[1]


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