The SSh-60 (СШ-60 (Russian: стальной шлем образца 1960 года/stalnoy shlyem, or steel helmet) was a product improvement of the Soviet SSh-40 steel helmet of the Soviet Army and entered production around 1960. It was not fundamentally different from the previous World War 2 era SSh-40.

The overall form and shell of the helmet remained unchanged. The internal harness was modified to include four stuffed leather pads (rather than three as with the SSh-40) attached to the dome rivets. The petals were moved to the top of the helmet along with two rivets and the chin strap.[1] As the SSh-60 looks identical to the SSh-40 externally when worn, photos don't indicate how many were in use. The short time of manufacture suggests that these were limited in numbers when compared to the SSh-40.

The SSh-40 was subsequently developed into the model SSh-68.


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