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G protein-coupled receptor 27
Symbol GPR27
Alt. symbols SREB1
Entrez 2850
HUGO 4482
OMIM 605187
RefSeq NM_018971
UniProt Q9NS67
Other data
Locus Chr. 3 p21-p14
G protein-coupled receptor 85
Symbol GPR85
Alt. symbols SREB2
Entrez 54329
HUGO 4536
OMIM 605188
RefSeq NM_018970
UniProt P60893
Other data
Locus Chr. 7 q31
G protein-coupled receptor 173
Symbol GPR173
Alt. symbols SREB3
Entrez 54328
HUGO 18186
OMIM 300253
RefSeq NM_018969
UniProt Q9NS66
Other data
Locus Chr. X p11

The SREB (Super Conserved Receptor Expressed in Brain) are a group of related G-protein coupled receptors.[1] Since no endogenous ligands have yet been identified for these receptors, they are classified as orphan receptors.


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