Industry Telecommunications
Founded Paris, France (1924)
Defunct (2005)
Headquarters Paris, France
Products telecommunications service, electronics, communications systems

SAGEM (Société d’Applications Générales de l’Électricité et de la Mécanique, translated to Company of General Applications of Electricity and Mechanics) was a major French company involved in defense electronics, consumer electronics and communication systems.

In 2005, SAGEM and SNECMA merged to form Safran. Together the companies focus mainly on aeronautics, defense and Security. The communications and mobile telephony businesses spun off as two independent entities : SAGEMCOM and MobiWire.


A Sagem MW3020

SAGEM was founded in 1925 in Paris by Marcel Môme. At the age of 25, he formed the Society for the General Application of Electricity & Mechanics, a company specialized in mechanics. Early products included electrical components, power distribution equipment, cameras, projectors and military equipment.

In 1942, following a request from the French Ministry of Telecommunications, SAGEM developed a new communication system : the telex printer. This date marked their move towards telecommunications.

In 1961 SAGEM was selected to provide the Inertial Navigation Systems for France's first ballistic missiles, as well as the optical and navigation systems for the first ballistic missile submarines.

In the 1980s and 90s, Sagem expanded aggressively into the telecommunications and consumer electronics industries. The defence electronics branch of SAGEM was selected to upgrade the electronic systems of some France-built Mirage aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force under the ROSE upgrade(Retrofit of Strike Element) program.

SAGEM has grouped its activities around two activities:

In 2005, SAGEM and SNECMA merged to form SAFRAN.[1]

In 2007 Sagem launched mobiles in India with a tradename "Bleu"[2]

In 2008, the SAGEM group spun off its communications and mobile telephony businesses (known simply as: Sagem Mobile) to focus on core company values. Sagem Sécurité merged with Ingenico.[3] The broadband business became SAGEM Communication. The mobile phone business became Sagem Wireless. The identity, bio-metric and transaction business became Safran Morpho. The company's defence electronics business became Safran Sagem.


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