Map of S'Espalmador and adjacent islets

S'Espalmador (Catalan pronunciation: [səspəlməˈðo], Spanish: Espalmador) is a small, uninhabited island located in the Balearic Islands. It is just off to the north of Formentera. It is separated from Formentera by a shallow sandbar, and during low tide it is possible for one to wade between the two islands. This area is a popular stopping point for those in yachts heading between Ibiza and Formentera. Features of the island include pristine beaches, a freshwater springs and the famous mud-bath.

To the north of the main island is Illa des Porcs (Pig Island) which was once used as a hideout and stronghold for the local pig smugglers. The En Pou lighthouse was built on the island in 1861 to mark the southern side of the Es Freus straight between the island and Ibiza.

S'Espalmador is located just north of Formentera
En Pou lighthouse, Illa des Porcs

Coordinates: 38°47′13″N 1°25′34″E / 38.787°N 1.426°E / 38.787; 1.426

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