Série noire

This article is about the publishing imprint. For the 1979 film, see Série noire (film). For the 1984 French TV series, see Série noire (1984 TV series). For the 2014 Quebecois TV series, see Série noire (2014 TV series).
Série noire
Parent company Éditions Gallimard
Founded 1945
Founder Marcel Duhamel
Country of origin France
Headquarters location Paris
Publication types Books
Fiction genres crime fiction
Official website www.gallimard.fr

Série noire is a French publishing imprint, founded in 1945 by Marcel Duhamel. It has released a collection of crime fiction of the hardboiled detective thrillers variety published by Gallimard.

Anglo-American literature forms the bulk of their collection: it features especially Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Horace McCoy, William R. Burnett, Ed McBain, Chester Himes, Lou Cameron, Jim Thompson, Rene Brabazon Raymond (under his pseudonym James Hadley Chase) and Peter Cheney. Books from the series were adapted into episodes on the 1984 television series of the same name.[1]

This name became a generic term for works of detective, and is considered having inspired the French critic Nino Frank to create in 1946 the phrase Film noir, which describes Hollywood crime dramas.[2][3][4]

In common parlance, today, the term also means a series of dramatic events with similarities, or affecting the same victims.[5][6]


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