Ryan Buendia

Ryan Buendia (born ca. 1982)[1] is an American recording artist, DJ, turntablist, producer, and songwriter.

Songwriting credits

Year Artist Song Co-written with U.S. peak
U.K. peak
2010 Kid Sister "Daydreaming" Kid Sister, Jean Baptiste, Alain Whyte, Michael McHenry, Melissa Ann Young 132[2]
Kerli "Army of Love" Kerli, Jean Baptiste, Michael McHenry
2011 Chris Brown feat. Lil' Wayne & Busta Rhymes "Look at Me Now" Chris Brown, Lil' Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Afrojack, Diplo, Jean Baptiste 6 44
N-Dubz "Morning Star" Jean Baptiste, Nick Marsh, S. Gordon, Michael McHenry 52[3]
Chris Brown "She Ain't You" Chris Brown, Jean-Baptiste, Kevin McCall, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd, John Bettis, Steve Porcaro, Brian Morgan 27 53
2012 "Don't Wake Me Up" Chris Brown, Alain Whyte, Allessandro Benassi, Brian Kennedy, Jean-Baptiste, Benny Benassi, Michael McHenry, Nick Marsh, Priscilla Renea, William Orbit 10 2


  1. Buendia states in this interview that he was 18 years old in 2000.
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