Rutherford Memorial Lecture (Royal Society)

The Rutherford Memorial Lecture is an international lecture of the Royal Society created under the Rutherford Memorial Scheme in 1952. It is held at universities in various countries in the Commonwealth, with a stipulation that at least one of every three lectures must be held in New Zealand.

List of lecturers

Year Name Country Lecture Notes
1952Cockcroft, JohnJohn Cockcroft New Zealand[1]
1953Chadwick, JamesJames ChadwickCanada[2]
1954Marsden, ErnestErnest MarsdenSouth AfricaRutherford, his Life and Work 1871-1937[3]
1955Oliphant, Marcus Laurence ElwinMarcus Laurence Elwin OliphantIndia and PakistanScience and mankind -
1956Darwin, Charles GaltonCharles Galton DarwinNew ZealandThe Discovery of atomic number [4]
1957Andrade, Edward Neville da CostaEdward Neville da Costa AndradeAustraliaThe Birth of the nuclear atom[5]
1958Blackett, Patrick Maynard StuartPatrick Maynard Stuart BlackettCanada [6]
1960Bragg, William LawrenceWilliam Lawrence BraggNew ZealandThe Development of X-ray analysis [7]
1962Mott, Nevill FrancisNevill Francis MottNigeria, Rhodesia and Nyasaland, UgandaAtomic physics and the strength of metals [8]
1963Allibone, Thomas EdwardThomas Edward AlliboneIndia and Pakistan -
1964Thomson, George PagetGeorge Paget ThomsonNew ZealandRutherford in nineteenth-century Cambridge [9]
1965Dee, Philip IvorPhilip Ivor DeeCanada[10]
1966Ratcliffe, John AshworthJohn Ashworth RatcliffeAustraliaRadio and the Cavendish Laboratory [11]
1967Massey, Harrie StewartHarrie Stewart MasseyNew Zealand -
1968Ziman, John MichaelJohn Michael ZimanIndia and PakistanSome problems of the growth and spread of science in developing countries. [12]
1969Kapitza, Piotr LeonidovichPiotr Leonidovich Kapitza Canada-
1970Runcorn, Stanley KeithStanley Keith Runcorn Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda -
1971Fowler, Peter HowardPeter Howard FowlerNew ZealandEvolution of the elements [13]
1975Moon, Philip BurtonPhilip Burton MoonAustraliaYarns and Spinners:Recollections of Rutherford and Applications of Swift Rotation[14]
1977Feather, NormanNorman FeatherCanadaSome episodes of the α-particle story[15]
1979 Burhop, Eric Henry StoneleyEric Henry Stoneley BurhopNew ZealandThe New Physics [16]
1980Shoenberg, DavidDavid ShoenbergIndia and Sri LankaMagnetic Oscillations in metals[17]
1981Moorbath, Stephen IrwinStephen Irwin MoorbathZimbabwe-
1982McGee, James DwyerJames Dwyer McGeeNew ZealandRutherford, Radio and Opto-Electronics [18]
1983Burcham, William ErnestWilliam Ernest BurchamCanadaRutherford and beta decay[19]
1984Lovell, Alfred Charles BernardAlfred Charles Bernard LovellAustralia -
1985Elliott, RogerRoger ElliottNew Zealand -
1986Peierls, Rudolf ErnstRudolf Ernst PeierlsIndia -
1987Goldhaber, MauriceMaurice GoldhaberCanada -
1988McKenzie, Dan PeterDan Peter McKenzieNew Zealand -
1989Devons, SamuelSamuel DevonsAustralia -
1990Mason, Basil JohnBasil John MasonCanada -
1991Wilkinson, Denys HaighDenys Haigh WilkinsonNew Zealand -
1992Roberts, Lewis Edward JohnLewis Edward John RobertsIndia -
1993Weatherall, David JohnDavid John WeatherallSouth-east Asia -
1995Hamilton, WilliamWilliam HamiltonNew Zealand -
1996Gurdon, John BertrandJohn Bertrand GurdonAustralia -
1997Kelly, John MeurigJohn Meurig KellyNew Zealand -
1999Heap, Robert BrianRobert Brian HeapSouth Africa -
2000Elliot, Michael J.Michael J. ElliotNew Zealand -
2003Pedley, Thomas J.Thomas J. PedleyNew Zealand -
2005Jeffries, AlecAlec JeffriesSingapore -
2006Nurse, PaulPaul NurseNew Zealand -
2007Bateson, PatrickPatrick BatesonAustralia -
2010Ludlow, Lord Rees ofLord Rees of LudlowNew ZealandMaths, maps and the human heart -
2013Sulston, Sir JohnSir John SulstonNew ZealandPeople and the planet – how can we all live and flourish on a finite Earth? -


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