Russ's Market

Russ's Market is a Nebraska-based grocery chain that operates stores in the communities of Lincoln and Hastings.

Russ’s Market is owned by B&R Stores, Inc., a Nebraska corporation. Russ Raybould and Clayton Burnett, two former Safeway employees, founded the company in May, 1964 when they acquired a small neighborhood grocery store together at 17th and Washington Streets in south Lincoln, Nebraska. Mr. Raybould eventually purchased the interest of Mr. Burnett and today B&R Stores, Inc. is employee-owned, with its home office in Lincoln.

Under Raybould’s direction, B&R Stores, Inc. grew significantly. Expansion occurred both through acquisitions and development of new stores. Growth began in 1979 with the opening of a new 25,000-square-foot (2,300 m2) Russ’s Market at 66th and O Streets in Lincoln. Two years later the company acquired an existing store in southeast Lincoln at 27th Street and Highway 2.

The company expanded into Hastings, Nebraska, by acquiring a store in 1984. In 1995, three Food-4-Less stores in Lincoln were acquired, becoming the company’s fifth, sixth, and seventh Russ’s Market stores. In 2001, B&R Stores, Inc. built a new Russ’s Market at Coddington and West A Streets in Lincoln.

Today B&R Stores, Inc., operates six employee-owned Russ’s Market stores in Lincoln and one in Hastings. Russ's son, Pat Raybould, serves as president of the company. The company has been recognized by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development for its work to promote the use of reusable shopping bags.[1] In addition to operating the Russ’s Market stores, B&R Stores, Inc. operates ten Super Saver stores in Nebraska and western Iowa, Save Best in Lincoln and the Grand Central Apple Market in Kearney, Nebraska.[2]


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