Rulers of the Sea

Rulers of the Sea

Film poster
Directed by Frank Lloyd
Produced by Frank Lloyd
Written by Frank Cavett
Richard Collins
Talbot Jennings
Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
Margaret Lockwood
Will Fyffe
George Bancroft
Music by Richard Hageman
Cinematography Theodor Sparkuhl
Edited by Paul Weatherwax
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates
  • January 6, 1939 (1939-01-06)
Running time
96 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Rulers of the Sea is a 1939 American historical drama film directed by Frank Lloyd and starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Margaret Lockwood and Will Fyffe.[1] The film's story is based on the voyage of the SS Savannah, the first steamship to cross the North Atlantic, from Britain to the United States. The film was made by Paramount Pictures, but featured Lockwood and Fyffe who were two of the leading stars of the British Gainsborough Pictures studios. The supporting cast features Alan Ladd as Colin Farrell.



The film was one in a series of million-dollar "spectacles" from Paramount. It was based on the history of the Cunard Line.[2] This subject matter was inspired by the success of the movie Lloyds of London, which led to a series of movies revolving around the history of companies. (Others from this time include Spawn of the North (1938), Western Union (1940), and Hudson Bay Company (1940).)[3]

The film used the writer and director of the hit MGM film Mutiny on the Bounty (1935), Talbot Jennings and Frank Lloyd.[4]

Will Fyffe, British film star, was borrowed from Gainsborough Pictures in the US to play engineer John Shaw.[5] Filming started on his arrival in Hollywood on 19 April 1939.[6] The film used two real ships.[7]

The film was made with the British audience in mind, so Paramount were worried on the declaration of war.[8]


Fairbanks Jr called it "a very boring story... very static. Lost a bundle."[9]


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