Royal Family Order of Johor

Royal Family Order of Johor
Darjah Kerabat Johor Yang Amat Dihormati
Awarded by Sultan of Johor
Award of
Type Order
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Ibrahim Ismail of Johor
Grades First Class (DKI)
Second Class (DKII)
Established 31 July 1886
Next (higher) None
Next (lower) Order of the Crown of Johor

Ribbon bar of the order

The Most Esteemed Royal Family Order of Johor (Bahasa Melayu : Darjah Kerabat Johor Yang Amat Dihormati),[1][2][3] is a chivalrous order awarded by the Sultan of Johor.


It was first instituted by Sultan Sir Abu Bakar of Johor on 31 July 1886.[1][2]


It is awarded in two classes:[1][2][3]

Ribbon bars [2][3]

First Class

Second Class

Is awarded to members of the Royal Family of Johor and the other Royal Rulers and Consorts or other members to other Royal Families that have done immensely to the servititude to the Sultan and the Family.

It is awarded as a set of a nine rayed breast star, a collar with a lesser star, a yellow silk sash, worn from the right shoulder to the left waist and a lesser star for the sash.

It is awarded to junior members of the Royal Families like the Pengirans, Tunkus, Tengkus, Rajas and Syeds.

It is awarded as a set of a seven rayed breast star with a neck ribbon with a lesser star suspended on it.

Notable recipients


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