Route accounting

A route accounting system is a business software system or ERP system that captures, records, and costs sales transactions for distributors with mobile warehouses, usually trucks, operating as direct store distributors, van sales, pre-sell, delivery confirmation.

To be a full route accounting system, the mobile systems will function under the direct or indirect control of a central accounting system. In essence it is a mobile point of sale system. A route accounting system will usually include specialized functions and reports for mobile inventory control and management, mobile device management, remote settlement systems, and management reporting.

A Route accounting system is similar to call accounting used in the hospitality industry to track phone calls. In route accounting, the tracking is of transactions and inventory in trucks usually connected with convenience store distribution, restaurant supply, and similar business situations.

Common applications of route accounting

Direct store distribution (DSD) (aka direct store delivery, van sales)


Delivery confirmation (aka proof of delivery)

Common features of route accounting applications

Route sales (sales staff) productivity

Pricing rules

Inventory control and management


Mobile management and control

Settlement systems

Forms of route accounting

Route accounting capabilities can be acquired in several forms.

Fully integrated system

Add-on point-of-sale or mobile sales system

SaaS software as a service


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