Roulette Records

Roulette Records
Parent company Warner Music Group
Founded 1957 (1957)
Founder George Goldner
Joe Kolsky
Morris Levy
Phil Khals
Defunct 1989 (1989)
Status Defunct
Genre Various
Country of origin U.S.
Location New York City

Roulette Records is an American record company and label founded in 1957 by George Goldner, Joe Kolsky, Morris Levy and Phil Khals, with creative control given to producers and songwriters Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore. Levy was appointed director.

The label had known ties to New York mobsters.[1] Levy ran the label with an iron fist.[2] In 1958, Roost Records was purchased. Goldner subsequently bowed out of his partnership interest in Roulette and, to cover his gambling debts, sold his record labels Tico, Rama, Gee, and, years later, End and Gone, to Levy, who grouped them into Roulette. Peretti and Creatore later left Roulette and worked as freelance producers for RCA Records throughout the 1960s. They co-founded Avco Records in 1969. In 1971, Roulette took over the catalog of Jubilee Records.


During the late 1950s, Roulette scored hits by Buddy Knox, Jimmy Bowen, the Playmates, Jimmie Rodgers, Ronnie Hawkins and The Delicates as well as releasing albums by Pearl Bailey, Dinah Washington, and Count Basie.

During the early 1960s, Roulette issued a number of hits connected to the twist dance craze, most notably "Peppermint Twist" by Joey Dee and the Starliters. They also released a rare album of "twist songs" by Bill Haley & His Comets, Twistin' Knights at the Roundtable. Other major 1960s hits for the label include "Two Faces Have I" by Lou Christie. A group of United States Marines called the Essex recorded the hit "Easier Said Than Done" while based at Camp Lejeune in the 1960s. In 1964, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay first recorded together on Roulette while in the nine-member Au Go Go Singers, house band for the Cafe Au Go Go in New York.

In the UK, Roulette's records were issued on the EMI Columbia label. In April 1965, the UK music magazine NME reported that Roulette had agreed to offer a sponsored show to the UK pirate radio radio station Radio Caroline. The hour-long show, recorded in the U.S. by disc jockey Jack Spector, was to be broadcast five evenings a week. The contract covered a two-year period and was worth over £10,000 to the station.[3]

According to Tommy James of Tommy James and the Shondells, whose "Hanky Panky", "I Think We're Alone Now", "Mirage", "Mony Mony", "Crimson and Clover", and many others were released during his time at the label, Roulette was a front business for the Genovese crime family. James estimates that the label kept $30 million to $40 million of the group's royalties but afforded it total artistic freedom, whereas another label would have tampered with its formula and might have dropped the group early on.[4]

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Roulette was one of the major distributors, handling records for many major firms.

Levy was the key financial backer for the rap music label Sugar Hill Records, which was founded in 1974 by the husband-and-wife team Joe and Sylvia Robinson. Sugar Hill released the first Top 40 rap single, "Rapper's Delight," in 1979. In the early 1980s, the Robinsons bought Levy out.

In 1981, Henry Stone turned to Levy to help prevent the demise of TK Records, so they set up Sunnyview Records under the Roulette umbrella. In 1986, Levy was exposed and convicted for extorting money from an FBI informant, John LaMonte. Levy was tried and convicted on charges of extortion but died in Ghent, New York, before serving any time in prison. In 1989, Roulette Records was sold to a consortium of EMI and Rhino Records, which later were acquired by The WEA Group (Warner/Elektra/Atlantic). Warner Music Group now has worldwide rights to the Roulette catalogue as a result of acquiring Parlophone in 2013.[5][6]

Following the acquisition, Rhino and EMI began issuing large royalty checks to former Roulette artists. Tommy James recalled that his checks were in amounts in six or seven digits. Roulette was notorious for not paying royalties to its artists, who had to rely on their gigs for their income.[4]

Until 2013, EMI used the Roulette name for the reissue of old Roulette label material. In the United States, Blue Note Records handled the Roulette jazz catalogue for release on the Roulette Jazz label until 2013. It was one of the units of Parlophone that Universal Music was required to sell to Warner Music Group to comply with international regulators.

Roulette Records artists


25000 Popular Series

Roulette Records 25000 Popular Series of LP records began in 1957 and ran until 1968.[7]

Catalog Album Artist Notes
25001 Calypso with the Playmates Playmates, TheThe Playmates
25002 Barrelhouse Wechsler, MoeMoe Wechsler
25003 Buddy Knox Knox, BuddyBuddy Knox
25004 Jimmy Bowen Bowen, JimmyJimmy Bowen
25005 Italy DiMara Sisters, TheThe DiMara Sisters
25006 Charleston Alden, BonnieBonnie Alden
25007 Memories of Hal Kemp Jerome, HenryHenry Jerome Orchestra
25008 Showplace of the Nation Radio City Music Hall Orchestra
25009 Tyree Glenn at the Embers Glenn, TyreeTyree Glenn
25010 Dorothy Donegan at the Embers Donegan, DorothyDorothy Donegan
25011 Polka Tyle, TedTed Tyle
25012 Pearl Bailey A Broad Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25013 Frankie Lymon at the London Palladium Lymon, FrankieFrankie Lymon
25014 Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards Martin, KayKay Martin
25015 Dixiecats Jazz All Stars
25016 Pearl Bailey Sings for Adults Only Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25017 Copa Girl Gray, Dori AnneDori Anne Gray
25018 Songs My Mother Loved Berle, MiltonMilton Berle
25019 Hi-Fi Harmonica Diamond, LeoLeo Diamond
25020 Jimmie Rodgers Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25021 Pajama Party Various Artists
25022 Accordion in Hi-Fi Castle, Jo AnnJo Ann Castle
25023 Musical Themes of Hollywood U.S.A. Schaindlin, JackJack Schaindlin & Symphony of the Air
25024 Let's Dance Pastor, TonyTony Pastor and Orchestra
25025 Jamaica Hayton, LennieLennie Hayton
25026 The Long Hot Summer (Soundtrack) North, AlexAlex North
25027 Guy Pastor and His Dad Pastor, TonyTony Pastor and Orchestra
25028 Italy Revisited DiMara Sisters, TheThe DiMara Sisters with the Tony Dannon Orchestra
25029 Curtain Going Up Original Dukes of Dixieland
25030 Gospel Songs Stamps-Baxter Quartet
25031 Let's Do the Polka Tyle, TedTed Tyle Orchestra
25032 Oriental Delight Mardigian, HankHank Mardigian Sextet
25033 The Number One Ballads Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25034 David Niven Reads the World's Most Famous Love Letters Niven, DavidDavid Niven
25035 Cowboy Willing, FoyFoy Willing & The Riders of the Purple Sage
25036 Rock 'n Roll Lymon, FrankieFrankie Lymon
25037 St. Louis Blues Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25038 Dixieland at Carnegie Hall Various Artists
25039 Coffee, Cigarettes and Memories Southern, JeriJeri Southern
25040 Emil Coleman at the Waldorf Astoria Coleman, EmilEmil Coleman
25041 With Love Lamas, FernandoFernando Lamas
25042 Jimmie Rodgers Sings Folk Songs Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25043 At Play with the Playmates Playmates, TheThe Playmates
25044 When Good Fellows Get Together Hugo & Luigi with Their Family Singers
25045 Noro Morales at the Harvest Moon Ball Morales, NoroNoro Morales
25046 Song Stylist Extraordinaire Carr, ValerieValerie Carr
25047 On My Way to Heaven Russell, LeeLee Russell & Wayfarers
25048 Buddy Knox and Jimmy Bowen Knox, BuddyBuddy Knox/Jimmy Bowen Split album
25049 Greece Kara, PeterPeter Kara Orchestra
25050 Tyree Glenn at the Roundtable Glenn, TyreeTyree Glenn
25051 Italia con Pier Angeli Angeli, PierPier Angeli
25052 A Long, Long Kiss Maya, CantaCanta Maya
25053 Steve Allen at the Roundtable Allen, SteveSteve Allen
25054 Love Songs a LaRosa LaRosa, JuliusJulius LaRosa
25055 La Guitarra: The Genius of Rolando Valdes-Blain Valdes-Blain, RolandoRolando Valdes-Blain
25056 Hello Nice People Jerome, HenryHenry Jerome Orchestra
25057 His Golden Year Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25058 Swingin' My Way Through College Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson Orchestra
25059 Rock and Roll Record Hop Various Artists
25060 At Home with the Barry Sisters Barry Sisters, TheThe Barry Sisters
25061 Emotions of Jose Duval Duval, JoseJose Duval
25062 Cha Cha Italiana DiMara Sisters, TheThe DiMara Sisters
25063 Pearl Bailey Sings Porgy and Bess and Other Gershwin Melodies Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25064 Swingin' Marchin' Whistlin' Williams, BuddyBuddy Williams and his Golden Echo Music
25065 Lennie Hayton Introduces Scandinavian Suite No. 1 Hayton, LennieLennie Hayton
25066 Hawaiian Luau Kealoha, WilliamWilliam Kealoha Orchestra
25067 Woody Herman Sextet at the Roundtable Herman, WoodyWoody Herman Sextet
25068 Cuttin' Capers Playmates, TheThe Playmates
25069 Honky Tonk Piano Wechsler, MoeMoe Wechsler
25070 Dixieland in High Society Redman, DonDon Redman and the Knights of the Roundtable
25071 TV Favorites Volume 1 Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25072 Basie Swings, Bennett Sings Basie, CountCount Basie and Tony Bennett
25073 Themes from the Hip Wattles, BudBud Wattles Orchestra
25074 Folk Songs of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee Terry, SonnySonny Terry and Brownie McGhee
25075 Try a Little Tenderness Glenn, TyreeTyree Glenn with Strings
25076 Turk Murphy and His Jazz Band at the Roundtable Murphy, TurkTurk Murphy and His Jazz Band
25077 Shy Carr, CathyCathy Carr
25078 Ronnie Hawkins Hawkins, RonnieRonnie Hawkins
25079 It Seems Like Only Yesterday McIntyre, HalHal McIntyre Orchestra
25080 Dixieland at the Roundtable Salt City Six
25081 Twilight on the Trail Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25082 Joe Reisman Salutes the All-Time Instrumental Favorites Reisman, JoeJoe Reisman
25083 On the Sunny Side LaRosa, JuliusJulius LaRosa
25084 Broadway Show Stoppers Playmates, TheThe Playmates
25085 Go Ahead & Rock Rock Rock Johnson, BuddyBuddy Johnson Orchestra featuring Ella Johnson
25086 Shepherd and His Flock Shepherd, BillBill Shepherd Orchestra
25087 Happy Organ Wyatt, BobBob Wyatt
25088 Music for Wise Guys Murphy, TurkTurk Murphy
25089 Great American Waltzes Reisman, JoeJoe Reisman
25090 Born to Be Blue Phillips, AnneAnne Phillips
25091 Jack Teagarden at the Roundtable Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden
25092 Relax'n with Chico Randall Randall, ChicoChico Randall
25093 Rock n' Roll Bandstand Various Artists
25094 Ev'ry Hour, Ev'ry Day Carr, ValerieValerie Carr
25095 It's Christmas Once Again Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25096 Memorie di Roma DiMara Sisters, TheThe DiMara Sisters
25097 Christmas Carols St. Patrick's Cathedral Choir
25098 On the Beach (Soundtrack) Gold, ErnestErnest Gold Musical Score from the film.
25099 Sounds in the Night Marowitz, SamSam Marowitz
25100 Marc of Fredericks Fredericks, MarcMarc Fredericks and Orchestra
25101 More Songs for Adults Only Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25102 Mr. Dynamo Hawkins, RonnieRonnie Hawkins
25103 When the Spirit Moves You Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25104 Once More with Feeling Eckstine, BillyBilly Eckstine
25105 Polka! Polka! Polka! Bass, KennyKenny Bass
25106 Original Hit Records Various Artists
25107 A Thousand Miles Away Heartbeats, TheThe Heartbeats
25108 Salute Italia Caiola, AlAl Caiola
25109 Woo Hoo Rock-A-Teens, TheThe Rock-A-Teens
25110 On Stage Gale, AlanAlan Gale
25111 Island Paradise Kealoha, WilliamWilliam Kealoha Orchestra
25112 Dixieland at the Roundtable Bonano, SharkeySharkey Bonano
25113 Smooth and Rocky Cole, RockyRocky Cole with The Al Cohn Orchestra
25114 Instrumental Imports Reisman, JoeJoe Reisman
25115 Let's Have a Ball Glenn, TyreeTyree Glenn
25116 Songs of the Bad Old Days Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25117 Accent Italino DiMara Sisters, TheThe DiMara Sisters
25118 Las Vegas Late Show Ross, JackJack Ross Quartet
25119 Jazz Maverick Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden
25120 The Folk Ballads of Ronnie Hawkins Hawkins, RonnieRonnie Hawkins
25121 Folk Scene U.S.A. Cumberland Three, TheThe Cumberland Three
25122 Neapolitan Memories Doreen
25123 Jimmy Durante at the Copacabana Durante, JimmyJimmy Durante
25124 Ivory and Bone Lerner, AlAl Lerner
25125 Naughty But Nice Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25126 Italiano U.S.A. Monte, LouLou Monte
25127 New Sensations in Sound Monte, LouLou Monte
25128 At Home with Jimmie Rodgers: An Evening of Folk Songs Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25129 Swings for Dancers Maltby, RichardRichard Maltby
25130 Sing Along with Emmett Kelly Kelly, EmmettEmmett Kelly
25131 Banjo & Calls Sing Along Various Artists
25132 Civil War Almanac Volume 1: The Yankees Cumberland Three, TheThe Cumberland Three
25133 Civil War Almanac Volume 2: The Rebels Cumberland Three, TheThe Cumberland Three
25134 Italy Volume 2 DiMara Sisters, TheThe DiMara Sisters
25135 Voice of Hawaii Kealoha, WilliamWilliam Kealoha
25136 Side by Side Barry Sisters, TheThe Barry Sisters
25137 Ronnie Hawkins Sings the Songs of Hank Williams Hawkins, RonnieRonnie Hawkins
25138 Tyree Glenn at London House in Chicago Glenn, TyreeTyree Glenn
25139 Wait for Me Playmates, TheThe Playmates
25140 In Love for the Very First Time Stafford, WandaWanda Stafford
25141 It's Happy Polka Time Bass, KennyKenny Bass & His Polka Poppers
25142 St. Patrick's Cathedral Choir Sings Christmas Songs St. Patrick's Cathedral Choir
25143 You Talk Too Much Jones, JoeJoe Jones
25144 The Best of Pearl Bailey Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25145 Fidoodlin' Cooley, SpadeSpade Cooley
25146 Grimm's Hip Fairy Tales Linsey, MortMort Linsey
25148 Swing Folksongs Maltby, RichardRichard Maltby
25149 That's Paris Osborne, TonyTony Osborne Orchestra
25150 The Folk Song World of Jimmie Rodgers Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25151 Melodie O'Italia DiMara Sisters, TheThe DiMara Sisters
25152 Dream Bar Restum, WillieWillie Restum
25153 Return to Rome Adamo, RudyRudy Adamo
25154 It Happened One Night Donegan, DorothyDorothy Donegan
25155 Pearl Bailey Sings Songs of Harold Arlen Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25156 We Belong Together Barry Sisters, TheThe Barry Sisters
25157 Shalom Barry Sisters, TheThe Barry Sisters
25159 Murray the "K's" Sing Along with the Original Golden Gassers! Various Artists
25160 The Best of Jimmie Rodgers Folk Songs Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25161 My Name...Jose Jimenez Dana, BillBill Dana
25162 Pat Harrington, Jr. as Guido Panzini and Bill Dana as Kookie as Ever Harrington, Jr., PatPat Harrington, Jr. and Bill Dana
25163 Enzo Stuarti Stuarti, EnzoEnzo Stuarti
25164 The Gospel in Words & Music Powell, Rev. Adam ClaytonRev. Adam Clayton Powell
25165 Top Polka Million Sellers Bass, KennyKenny Bass & His Orchestra
25166 Doin' the Twist at the Peppermint Lounge Joey Dee and the Starliters
25167 Happy Sounds Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey with the Louis Bellson Orchestra
25168 Hey, Let's Twist Various Artists
25169 Twistin' at the Roundtable with the Orchids Orchids, TheThe Orchids
25170 Dinah '62 Washington, DinahDinah Washington
25171 All the World is Twistin Joey Dee and the Starliters
25172 Twistin' at the Miami Beach Peppermint Lounge Seven Blends
25173 Back at the Peppermint Lounge Joey Dee and the Starliters
25174 Twistin' Knights at the Roundtable Haley, BillBill Haley and His Comets
25175 Let's All Twist at Peppermint Lounge Hawkins, DaleDale Hawkins and His Escapades
25176 The Most of the Twist Various Artists
25177 The Dixie Sound of Jack Teagarden Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden
25178 Brilliant Big Band Ballads and Blues Maltby, RichardRichard Maltby
25179 15 Million Sellers Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25180 In Love Washington, DinahDinah Washington
25181 Come On, Let's Play with Pearlie Mae Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25182 Two Tickets To Paris (Soundtrack) Various Artists
25183 Drinking Again Washington, DinahDinah Washington
25184 The Trombone Artistry of Tyree Glenn Glenn, TyreeTyree Glenn
25185 This Was Burlesque Corio, AnnAnn Corio Original Cast Album
25186 How to Strip for Your Husband Corio, AnnAnn Corio Orchestra conducted by Sonny Lester
25187 Songs for the John Kannon, JackieJackie Kannon
25188 Hit Movie Themes in Italiano DiMara Sisters, TheThe DiMara Sisters
25189 Back to the Blues Washington, DinahDinah Washington
25190 Modern Dance Band Sounds of Country & Western Hits Lester, SonnySonny Lester Orchestra
25191 Murray the K Presents Golden Gassers for Hand Holders Various Artists
25192 Murray the K Presents Golden Gassers for a Dance Party Various Artists
25193 Bossa Nova Puente, TitoTito Puente
25195 About Good Little Girls and Bad Little Boys Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25196 The Next One Will Kill You Amsterdam, MoreyMorey Amsterdam
25197 Joey Dee Dee, JoeyJoey Dee
25198 The Barry Sisters in Israel Barry Sisters, TheThe Barry Sisters
25199 Folk Songs Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers
25200 Lowdown Back Porch Blues Louisiana Red
25201 The Funniest New Comic Since the Last New Comic Turner, DaveDave Turner
25202 How to Belly Dance for Your Husband and His Friends Little Egypt and the Sonny Lester Orchestra
25203 At Home with That Other Family Gaines, LeonardLeonard Gaines and Gwen Davis
25204 Tapped Wires Jordan, WillWill Jordan and Rhonda Brown
25205 Don Sherman at the Playboy Club Sherman, DonDon Sherman
25206 Bossa Nova Italian Style DiMara Sisters, TheThe DiMara Sisters
25207 Golden Goodies Volume 1 Various Artists
25208 Lou Christie Christie, LouLou Christie
25209 Golden Goodies Volume 4: Goodies for a Dance Party Various Artists
25210 Golden Goodies Volume 2 Various Artists
25211 Golden Goodies Volume 3 Various Artists
25212 Golden Goodies Volume 7 Various Artists
25213 Golden Goodies Volume 9 Various Artists
25214 Golden Goodies Volume 8 Various Artists
25215 Golden Goodies Volume 5 Various Artists
25216 Golden Goodies Volume 6 Various Artists
25217 Golden Goodies Volume 10 Various Artists
25218 Golden Goodies Volume 12 Various Artists
25219 Golden Goodies Volume 11 Various Artists
25220 Dinah '63 Washington, DinahDinah Washington
25221 Dance-Dance-Dance Dee, JoeyJoey Dee
25222 C'est la Vie Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25223 Old Country Polka Bass, KennyKenny Bass
25224 More How to Strip for Your Husband Corio, AnnAnn Corio Orchestra conducted by Sonny Lester
25225 More How to Belly Dance for Your Husband Little Egypt Orchestra conducted by Sonny Lester
25228 Rendezvous in Istanbul Gomidas Band, TheThe Gomidas Band
25229 Rendezvous in Greece Gomidas Band, TheThe Gomidas Band
25230 Rendezvous in Armenia Gomidas Band, TheThe Gomidas Band
25231 Strike Up the Band Bennett, TonyTony Bennett and Count Basie Reissue of 25072 with different track order
25232 Ragtime U.S.A Sutton, RalphRalph Sutton
25233 Gospel Concert: The Ward Singers Recorded Live Ward, ClaraClara Ward
25234 Easier Said Than Done Essex, TheThe Essex
25235 A Walkin' Miracle Essex, TheThe Essex
25236 And Now...The Missing Otis Trio Missing Otis Trio, TheThe Missing Otis Trio
25237 Meetin' Followers, TheThe Followers
25238 Instrumental Golden Goodies Volume 13 Various Artists
25239 Golden Goodies Volume 14 Various Artists
25240 Golden Goodies Volume 15 Various Artists
25241 Golden Goodies Volume 16 Various Artists
25242 Golden Goodies Volume 17 Various Artists
25243 Portrait of Mr. T Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden
25244 In Tribute Washington, DinahDinah Washington
25245 Organ Dynamics Wyatt, BobBob Wyatt
25246 Young and Lively Essex, TheThe Essex featuring Anita Humes
25247 Golden Goodies of 1963 Volume 18 Various Artists
25248 Your Favorite Groups and Their Golden Goodies Volume 19 Various Artists
25249 20 Original Winners Volume 1 Various Artists
25250 Jerry Blavatt Presents the Teenagers featuring Frankie Lymon Teenagers, TheThe Teenagers
25251 20 Original Winners Volume 2 Various Artists
25252 Hootenanny Nashville Gene & Jerry
25253 A Stranger on Earth Washington, DinahDinah Washington
25254 Good Guy Jack Spector Presents 22 Original Winners Various Artists
25255 The Best of Ronnie Hawkins Hawkins, RonnieRonnie Hawkins
25256 Golden Goodies Goodies Various Artists
25257 The Magic World of Italy Various Artists
25258 The World of the Barry Sisters Barry Sisters, TheThe Barry Sisters
25259 The Risque World of Pearl Bailey Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25260 The World of Dinah Washington Washington, DinahDinah Washington
25261 The World of Jack Teagarden Teagarden, JackJack Teagarden
25262 Music to Stop Smoking By Salvador, SalSal Salvador Quartet
25263 20 Original Winners Volume 3 Various Artists
25264 20 Original Winners Volume 4 Various Artists
25265 Melodie d'Italia DiMara Sisters, TheThe DiMara Sisters
25266 Polish Songs Budzilek, RayRay Budzilek
25267 Yiddish Songs Abbott, PatsyPatsy Abbott
25268 Wedding Polkas Bass, KennyKenny Bass
25269 Dinah Washington Washington, DinahDinah Washington Compilation
25270 What's New New Group, TheThe New Group
25271 Songs by James Van Heusen Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25272 Let's Go Bobo! Bobo, WillieWillie Bobo
25273 WFUN Good Guys Various Artists
25274 Drums!, Drums!, Drums! Olatunji
25275 Rockin' in the 25th Century Spacemen, TheThe Spacemen
25276 My Fair Lady Goes Latin Puente, TitoTito Puente
25277 Race! Baron, SandySandy Baron
25278 By Jupiter & Girl Crazy Cain, JackieJackie Cain & Roy Kral
25279 Polynesian Rendezvous Walker, DaphneDaphne Walker and George Tumahai
25280 They Call Us Au Go-Go Singers Au Go-Go Singers, TheThe Au Go-Go Singers
25281 Love Songs from a Cop Ross, Joe E.Joe E. Ross
25282 Songs I Sang with Guy Lombardo Gardner, KennyKenny Gardner
25283 Cascading Voices Hugo & Luigi
25284 I Sing in a Pub Cordell, KimKim Cordell
25285 Jewish Folk Songs Adams, JoeyJoey Adams and Sholom Secunda
25286 More Italian Songs Mama Never Taught Paone, NicolaNicola Paone
25287 More Polish Songs Mama Never Taught Budzilek, RayRay Budzilek
25288 Greek Songs Mama Never Taught Me Four Coins, TheThe Four Coins
25289 The Best of Dinah Washington Washington, DinahDinah Washington
25290 20 All Time No. 1 Hits Various Artists
25291 WMAK Jet Set-22 Winners Various Artists
25292 Life with Liz and Dick Kling, HeywoodHeywood Kling
25293 20 Original Winners of 1964 Various Artists
25294 The Greatest Hits of Little Anthony and the Imperials Little Anthony and the Imperials
25295 WHK Good Guys Various Artists
25297 England's Newest Singing Sensations Hullaballoos, TheThe Hullaballoos
25298 Organ Shindig Cortez, Dave "Baby"Dave "Baby" Cortez
25299 And Now Valentyne, RudyRudy Valentyne
25300 For Women Only Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25301 More of Frankie Randall Randall, FrankieFrankie Randall
25302 The Tiffiny Singers Tiffiny Singers, TheThe Tiffiny Singers
25303 50 Best Loved Italian Songs DiMara Sisters, TheThe DiMara Sisters
25304 20 "Big Boss" Favorites: 10 Great Hits of 1964 - 10 Great Oldies Hits Various Artists
25306 Music of the Middle East Berberian Ensemble, The JohnThe John Berberian Ensemble
25307 WING Lively Guys Various Artists
25308 The Many Faces of the Detergents Detergents, TheThe Detergents
25310 The Hullaballoos On Hullabaloo Hullaballoos, TheThe Hullaballoos
25311 German Songs Mama Taught Me Marsic, DukeDuke Marsic
25312 Live from the Ratfink Room Kannon, JackieJackie Kannon
25313 Sincerely Martin, DerekDerek Martin
25314 Tales Dixie Drifters, TheThe Dixie Drifters
25315 Tweetie Pie Cortez, Dave "Baby"Dave "Baby" Cortez
25316 Shame and Scandal in the Family Elliott, ShawnShawn Elliott
25317 The Detective Adams, DonDon Adams
25318 Searching the Gospel Bailey, PearlPearl Bailey
25320 Polish Songs Mama Never Taught Me Budzilek, RayRay Budzilek
25321 Slovenian Songs Mama Taught Me Marsic, DukeDuke Marsic and His Happy Slovenians
25322 Music for Batman and Robin Spacemen, TheThe Spacemen
25323 Sam and Dave Sam & Dave
25324 Live at the Taft Drew, CharlieCharlie Drew
25325 Polka Memories Bass, KennyKenny Bass & Polka Team
25326 The Exciters Exciters, TheThe Exciters
25328 Dave "Baby" Cortez In Orbit Cortez, Dave "Baby"Dave "Baby" Cortez
25329 Etta Jones Sings Jones, EttaEtta Jones With Junior Mance, Kenny Burrell, Frank Wess, Joe Newman, Milt Hinton
25330 Honky Tonk a-la Mod! Doggett, BillBill Doggett
25331 Strike Up the Band Bennett, TonyTony Bennett & Count Basie
25332 Lou Christie Strikes Again Christie, LouLou Christie Stereo reissue of Lou Christie Strikes Back
25333 WWIN Astro Jocks Present 20 Original Winners Various Artists
25334 This Hombre Called Lemon Lemon, KenKen Lemon
25336 Hanky Panky Tommy James and the Shondells
25337 WOL- Soul Brothers Various Artists
25338 K-BOX Dusty Discs Various Artists
25339 The Matadors Meet the Bull Stitt, SonnySonny Stitt
25343 What's New!!! Stitt, SonnySonny Stitt
25344 It's Only Love Tommy James and the Shondells
25245 Man in Love Rossi, SteveSteve Rossi
25346 I Keep Comin' Back! Stitt, SonnySonny Stitt
25347 Color Me OBG: Station WDRC Various Artists
25348 KGFJ Sounds of Success Various Artists
25350 Our Anniversary Shep and the Limelites
25351 Aqui Se Habla Espanol Richards, JohnnyJohnny Richards
25352 Songs of My People Ronni, TovaTova Ronni
25353 I Think We're Alone Now Tommy James and the Shondells
25354 Parallel-a-Stitt Stitt, SonnySonny Stitt


Something Special! The Best of Tommy James and the Shondells Tommy James and the Shondells
25356 Ma Vie Rossi, SteveSteve Rossi
25357 Gettin' Together Tommy James and the Shondells


The Fallen Angels Fallen Angels, TheThe Fallen Angels
25359 Don't Walk, Dance! Malcolm, CarlosCarlos Malcolm
25360 This Is My Song Allen, RayRay Allen
25361 The Big Three Featuring Cass Elliot Big Three, TheThe Big Three

Birdland Jazz Series

The Roulette 52000 Birdland Series of 12 inch LPs commenced in 1958 and consists of 124 album releases over 10 years.[8]

Catalog Album Artist Notes
52001 Life Is a Many Splendored Gig Pomeroy, HerbHerb Pomeroy Orchestra
52002 Appearing Nightly Mitchell-Ruff Duo
52003 Basie Basie, CountCount Basie Orchestra aka E=MC2 and The Atomic Mr. Basie
52004 Movin' In Powell, SpecsSpecs Powell & Co.
52005 A Man Ain't Supposed to Cry Williams, JoeJoe Williams
52006 Kenya-Afro Cuban Jazz Machito & His Orchestra
52007 Count Basie Presents Eddie Davis Trio + Joe Newman Davis, EddieEddie Davis Trio and Joe Newman
52008 The Rites of Diablo Richards, JohnnyJohnny Richards
52009 Locking Horns Newman, JoeJoe Newman & Zoot Sims Rerelease of Rama Records LP
52010 Southern Breeze Southern, JeriJeri Southern
52011 Basie Plays Hefti Basie, CountCount Basie & Orchestra
52012 A Message from Newport Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson
52013 Mitchell-Ruff Duo Plus Strings and Brass Mitchell-Ruff Duo
52014 Joe Newman with Woodwinds Newman, JoeJoe Newman
52015 Monday Night at Birdland Various Artists
52016 Jeri Southern Meets Johnny Smith Southern, JeriJeri Southern
52017 'Round Midnight Lawson, DeeDee Lawson
52018 Sing Along with Basie Basie, CountCount Basie, Joe Williams, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
52019 Eddie Davis Trio Featuring Shirley Scott, Organ Davis, EddieEddie Davis Trio
52020 Sweet Talk White, KittyKitty White
52021 Memories Ad-Lib Basie, CountCount Basie & Joe Williams
52022 Another Monday Night at Birdland Various Artists
52023 Sweetenings Edison, Harry "Sweets"Harry "Sweets" Edison
52024 Basie One More Time Basie, CountCount Basie Orchestra
52025 Jazz for Juniors Mitchell-Ruff Duo
52026 Machito with Flute to Boot Machito
52027 A Message from Birdland Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson Orchestra
52028 Breakfast Dance and Barbecue Basie, CountCount Basie and His Orchestra featuring Joe Williams
52029 Basie/Eckstine Incorporated Basie, CountCount Basie & Billy Eckstine
52030 Joe Williams Sings About You Williams, JoeJoe Williams
52031 Piano Portraits by Phineas Newborn Newborn, Jr., PhineasPhineas Newborn, Jr.
52032 Chairman of the Board Basie, CountCount Basie
52033 Everyday I Have the Blues Williams, JoeJoe Williams with Count Basie and His Orchestra
52034 Jazz Mission to Moscow Mitchell-Ruff Duo
52035 Illinois Jacquet Plays Cole Porter Jacquet, IllinoisIllinois Jacquet
52036 Dance Along with Basie Basie, CountCount Basie and His Orchestra
52037 The Sound of Music Mitchell-Ruff Duo
52038 Maynard Ferguson Plays Jazz for Dancing Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson
52039 That Kind of Woman Williams, JoeJoe Williams
52040 England's Ambassador of Jazz Dankworth, JohnnyJohnny Dankworth
52041 Patented by Edison Edison, Harry "Sweets"Harry "Sweets" Edison Quintet
52042 In the Vernacular Handy III, JohnJohn Handy III
52043 I Love a Piano Newborn, Jr., PhineasPhineas Newborn, Jr.
52044 Not Now, I'll Tell You When Basie, CountCount Basie
52045 School of Rebellion Russo, BillBill Russo
52046 Dreamy Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52047 Newport Suite Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson
52048 My Crying Hour Day, Cora LeeCora Lee Day
52049 Gretsch Drum Night at Birdland Various Artists
52050 The Most Volume 1 Various Artists
52051 String Along with Basie Basie, CountCount Basie
52052 No Cover, No Minimum Eckstine, BillyBilly Eckstine
52053 The Most Volume 2 Various Artists
52054 Just the Blues Williams, JoeJoe Williams & Count Basie
52055 Let's Face the Music and Dance Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson
52056 Kansas City Suite Basie, CountCount Basie & His Orchestra
52057 The Most Volume 3 Various Artists
52058 No Coast Jazz Handy, JohnJohn Handy Quartet
52059 Collaboration Dankworth, JohnnyJohnny Dankworth
52060 The Divine One Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52061 Count Basie/Sarah Vaughan Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan & Count Basie
52062 The Most Volume 4 Various Artists
52063 Seven Deadly Sins Russo, BillBill Russo
52064 Maynard '61 Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson
52065 Basie at Birdland Basie, CountCount Basie
52066 Sentimental and Melancholy Williams, JoeJoe Williams
52067 Gretsch Drum Night Volume 2 Various Artists
52068 Two's Company Connor, ChrisChris Connor & Maynard Ferguson
52069 Together Williams, JoeJoe Williams & Harry "Sweets" Edison
52070 After Hours Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52071 Have a Good Time with Joe Williams Williams, JoeJoe Williams
52072 Count Basie Swings, Tony Bennett Sings Basie, CountCount Basie & Tony Bennett
52074 Together for the First Time Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong & Duke Ellington
52075 The Most Volume 5 Various Artists
52076 "Straightaway" Jazz Themes Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson
52078 Conga Soul Candido
52079 Soul Brother Corbin, HaroldHarold Corbin
52080 A Night at Count Basie's Perri Trio, LeeLee Perri Trio
52081 The Best of Basie Basie, CountCount Basie
52082 You're Mine You Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52083 Maynard '62 Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson
52084 Si! Si! M.F. Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson
52085 Swingin' Night at Birdland Williams, JoeJoe Williams
52086 The Legend Basie, CountCount Basie
52087 Big Band Jazz from the Summit Bellson, LouisLouis Bellson
52088 Lalo = Brilliance Schifrin, LaloLalo Schifrin
52089 The Best of Basie Vol. 2 Basie, CountCount Basie
52090 Maynard '63 Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson
52091 Snowbound Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52092 The Explosive Side of Sarah Vaughan Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52093 Back to Basie & the Blues Basie, CountCount Basie Orchestra & Joe Williams Compilation
52094 The Best of Birdland Volume 1 Coltrane, JohnJohn Coltrane and Lee Morgan
52095 Skin Burns Burns, RonRon Burns
52096 Jazz from Abroad Dankworth, JohnnyJohnny Dankworth
52097 Bobo's Beat Bobo, WillieWillie Bobo
52098 The Mighty Two Bellson, LouisLouis Bellson & Gene Krupa
52099 Basie in Sweden Basie, CountCount Basie
52100 Star Eyes Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52101 Message from Maynard Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson
52102 One Is a Lonesome Number Williams, JoeJoe Williams
52103 The Great Reunion Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong & Duke Ellington
52104 The Lonely Hours Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52105 New Kind of Love Williams, JoeJoe Williams
52106 Easin' It Basie, CountCount Basie
52107 Maynard '64 Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson
52108 We Three Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, & Joe Williams
52109 The World of Sarah Vaughan Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52110 The World of Maynard Ferguson Ferguson, MaynardMaynard Ferguson
52111 The World of Basie Volume 1 Basie, CountCount Basie
52112 Sweet 'n' Sassy Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52113 Back with Basie Basie, CountCount Basie
52114 My Fair Lady Richards, JohnnyJohnny Richards
52115 The Return of Bud Powell Powell, BudBud Powell
52116 Sarah Sings Soulfully Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52117 Big Band Scene '65 Basie, CountCount Basie/Maynard Ferguson
52118 Sarah + 2 Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52119 Live! Strayhorn, BillyBilly Strayhorn
52120 Explorations Bellson, LouisLouis Bellson/Lalo Schifrin
52121 Jazz Handy, JohnJohn Handy
52122 Afro-Jazziac Mann, HerbieHerbie Mann & Machito
52123 Sarah Slightly Classical Vaughan, SarahSarah Vaughan
52124 Quote, Unquote Handy, JohnJohn Handy Compilation

5000 Jazz Series

Catalog Album Artist Notes
5000 Finally, Betty Carter Carter, BettyBetty Carter
5002 Stardust Stitt, SonnySonny Stitt Reissue of What's New!!
5003 Backgammon Blakey, ArtArt Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
5005 Now It's My Turn Carter, BettyBetty Carter
5006 The Nonet Konitz, LeeLee Konitz
5008 Gypsy Folk Tales Blakey, ArtArt Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
5009 Estimated Time of Arrival Watson, BobbyBobby Watson

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