Rogelio Blaín

Rogelio Blaín
Born Rogelio Juan Blaín Blaín
Havana, Cuba
Nationality Cuban
Occupation Actor
Known for Lucio Contreras in Brave Land (Tierra Brava)

Rogelio Blaín (b. Rogelio Juan Blaín Blaín; 1944) is a Cuban actor of radio, television, and film.[1] He has received many awards through his career, including the Cuban Radio and Television Praiseworthy Artist.[1]

Early life and career

Blaín was born in Havana in 1944. He started as an amateur actor.[1] In 1966, Humberto Solás, who had had success with Manuela, was looking for actors to film Lucía and he selected Blaín to become part of the cast.[1] He played an important role in the film: second part of the film's Antonio.[1]

He took part on the cast of the Cuban Television, although he has stated that he prefers doing films because that has paved him the way.[1] On stage he met his colleagues and friends Enrique Molina and Enrique Almirante, who share stage in several times.[1] As for 2013, Blaín takes part in Cuban television series S.O.S Academia (S.O.S Academy).

Selected filmography

Year Title Director(s) Notes
1968 Lucía Humberto Solás Film
1973 Ustedes tienen la palabra Manuel Octavio Gómez Film
1973 El Hombre de Maisinicú Manuel Pérez Film
1976 Patty Candela Rogelio París and Jorge Fraga. Film
1977 Río NegroManuel Pérez Film
1978 Una mujer, un hombre, una ciudad Manuel Octavio Gómez Film
1981 Leyenda Jesús Díaz Film
1981 Polvo Rojo Rogelio París y Jorge Fraga Film
1982 Alsino y el cóndor Miguel Littín Film (Cuba-Chile)
1983 Hasta cierto punto Tomás Gutiérrez Alea Film
1982 Alsino y el cóndor Miguel Littín Film
1985 Lejanía Jesús Díaz Film
1985 Baraguá José Massip Film
1988 El unicornio Enrique Colina Fiction short film
1994 Reina y Rey Julio García Espinosa Film
1995 Pon tu pensamiento en mí Arturo Sotto Film
2000 Hacerse el sueco Daniel Díaz Torres Film
2009 Lisanka Daniel Díaz Torres Film


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