Roel Dijkstra

Roel Dijkstra is a comic book series published from 1977 to 1995 by the Dutch publisher Oberon about a fictional football player.[1][2] The series was created by Jan Steeman (winner of the 2005 Dutch Stripschapprijs[3]) and Andrew Brandt.[4]

The eponymous Roel Dijkstra is a Dutch football player inspired by Johan Cruijff.[5] He started out as a player with the local football club "FC Leidrecht", then moved on to "FC Hadfort" in the United Kingdom, "FC Union" in Corsica, and then "FC Rapiditas" in Spain.[6] The story revolves around Dijkstra and his difficulties adjusting to life in a foreign country, shifty club bosses, friendship with fellow players, and football championships.[7]

In October 2016 Eppo-magazine began serialising a new story chronicling Roel Dijkstra's return to FC Leidrecht after his sudden departure from Rapiditas.


No. Title Year Writers
1. Buitenspel & Doorbraak 1977 Jan Steeman/Andrew Brandt
2. Hattrick 1977 Jan Steeman/Andrew Brandt
3. Obstructie 1978 Jan Steeman/Andrew Brandt
4. Gevaarlijk spel 1978 Jan Steeman/Andrew Brandt
5. Op vreemd terrein 1979 Jan Steeman/Andrew Brandt
6. Hard tegen hard 1980 Jan Steeman/Andrew Brandt
7. De superspits 1981 Jan Steeman/Andrew Brandt
8. Het magische veld 1981 Jan Steeman/Andrew Brandt
9. Thuiswedstrijd 1982 Jan Steeman/Andrew Brandt
10. Venijn op Corsica 1982 Jan Steeman/Andrew Brandt
11. De maarschalk 1983 Keith Watson/Dave Hunt
12. Amerikaans avontuur 1983 Keith Watson/Dave Hunt
13. Uitgeschakeld 1984 Keith Watson/Jaap Bubenik
14. De invaller 1985 Keith Watson/Jaap Bubenik
15. De miljoenentransfer 1985 Keith Watson/Jaap Bubenik
16. De schijnbeweging 1987 Keith Watson/Jaap Bubenik
17. De sponsor 1987 Keith Watson/Jaap Bubenik
18. De zwarte toto 1992 Keith Watson/Jaap Bubenik
19. Het contract 1992 Lebovic Marinko/Jaap Bubenik
20. Ebony 1994 Lebovic Marinko/Roy Robson
21. Het mijnenveld 1995 Lebovic Marinko/Roy Robson


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