Rock climbing in the Peak District

Rock climbing is a popular activity in the Peak District; particularly on edges such as Stanage or Froggatt. Generally the climbing style is free climbing (as opposed to aid climbing) and the rock is either gritstone or limestone. Climbing has been practised in the Peak District since the late 19th century; James W. Puttrell is generally credited with starting the sport. The first climbing guidebook to the area was 'Some Gritstone Climbs', by John Laycock, published in 1913. There are over 10,000 routes in the Peak District.[1] One of the most famous Peak District climbers, and a pioneer of many new routes, is Ron Fawcett. The climb known as "Master's Edge", on Millstone Edge, near Hathersage, is a testament to his skill and strength. The climb is graded E7 6c and rises 19m up the near vertical edge.[2]


The gritstone crags include:

Western Grit (Staffordshire, Kinder, Bleaklow, and the Chew Valley)

Eastern Grit (Derwent Valley, Sheffield, Derbyshire)


In-situ bolts and pitons are more acceptable on limestone and some crags are almost exclusively bolted.


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