Robertson Barracks, Norfolk

For the barracks in Australia, see Robertson Barracks.
Robertson Barracks
Swanton Morley

Robertson Barracks
Robertson Barracks
Location within Norfolk
Coordinates 52°43′41″N 0°58′01″E / 52.72800°N 0.96700°E / 52.72800; 0.96700Coordinates: 52°43′41″N 0°58′01″E / 52.72800°N 0.96700°E / 52.72800; 0.96700
Type Barracks
Site information
Owner Ministry of Defence
Operator  British Army
Site history
Built 1995
In use 1995-Present
Garrison information
Occupants 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards

Robertson Barracks is military installation near Swanton Morley in Norfolk.


Trainload of Scimitar light tanks on the Mid-Norfolk Railway

The barracks, which are named after Field Marshal Sir William Robertson, were established when RAF Swanton Morley was handed over to the British Army in 1995.[1] The barracks became home to the 9th/12th Royal Lancers in April 1998[2] and to the Light Dragoons in August 2000.[3] The Army often uses the Mid-Norfolk Railway to carry equipment such as Scimitar light tanks belonging to army units based at the barracks to their training facilities in other parts of the United Kingdom.[4]

In 2013 the British Government identified Robertson Barracks as one of seven "core bases" in which it would invest.[5] The Light Dragoons left the barracks on 6 June 2015 and were replaced by the 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards who were returning from Germany.[6]

In November 2016 the Ministry of Defence announced that the site would close in 2031.[7]


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