Robert Lembke

Robert Lembke (Robert Emil Weichselbaum) (born 17 September 1913 in Munich; died 14 January 1989) was a German television presenter and game show host.


Lembke started to study law at the age of 18, but dropped out of college. He then worked as a newspaper journalist (Berliner Tageblatt and Simplicissimus). He rejected the signing of a loyalty oath to Adolf Hitler and was after that barred from working as a journalist in Nazi Germany. He then took a job at I.G. Farben. His Jewish father had fled to England in 1936. In 1935, Lembke married Mathilde Bertholt and three years later they had a daughter.

After World War II Lembke worked as a journalist. Together with Hans Habe, Erich Kästner and Stefan Heym Lembke started German newspaper Neue Zeitung in Munich. Since 1949 Lembke worked for German broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk. Lembke was, from 1961 to his death in 1989, game show host of What's My Line? (with Hans Sachs, actress Marianne Koch, Annette von Aretin and Guido Baumann).[1]


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