Robert Hutton (actor)

Robert Hutton
Born Robert Bruce Winne
(1920-06-11)June 11, 1920
Kingston, New York
Died August 7, 1994(1994-08-07) (aged 74)
Kingston, New York
Occupation Actor
Years active 1943 - 1975
Spouse(s) Natalie Thompson (19431945 divorced)
Audrey Emery (1960s)
Cleatus Caldwell (1946? 2 stepsons)
Bridget Carr (?? 2 children)
Rosemary Wooten (?? divorced)

Robert Hutton (June 11, 1920 – August 7, 1994) was an American actor.

Early life

Robert Hutton, whose name was originally Robert Bruce Winne,[1] was the son of a hardware merchant and was a cousin of the Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton. He attended Blair Academy, a small boarding school in Blairstown, New Jersey.


Later he worked as an actor and director of plays at the Woodstock Playhouse in Woodstock, New York, which burned down in 1988 and was re-opened in 2011.

Hutton bore a startling resemblance to Jimmy Stewart: during World War II, when Stewart enlisted in the Army in March 1941, Hutton benefited from "victory casting" in roles that would ordinarily have gone to Stewart.

After leaving Warner Brothers’ studios Hutton continued working in movies, TV shows and as a writer and director in England for several years. He returned years later to the United States and lived in New York where he was born and raised.

Personal life

Hutton spent his last days in a nursing care facility after breaking his back in a home accident. He was survived by a daughter, Jolie and a son, Robert.[1][2]

Selected filmography


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