Rob & Fab

Rob & Fab
Origin U.S.
Genres Dance, pop, rap, funk
Years active 1990–1993
Labels Joss Entertainment
Associated acts Milli Vanilli
The Real Milli Vanilli
Empire Bizarre
Past members Fab Morvan
Rob Pilatus

Rob & Fab was an American-based pop and dance music project formed and fronted by German Rob Pilatus and Frenchman Fabrice Morvan in 1990 after their participation in the commercially successful but ill-fated Milli Vanilli band project.

Upon separation from the Milli Vanilli project, Pilatus and Morvan moved to Los Angeles, California, and signed to The Joss Entertainment Group, with whom the duo recorded the album, Rob & Fab, financed by Taj Records in 1992 and released by Joss Entertainment in 1993. Due to financial constraints, they were only to release the album in the U.S., the most critical market in the Milli Vanilli fiasco. A single, "We Can Get It On", was made available for radio play shortly before the album's release. However, the single did not have much commercial success. The album itself only sold around 2,000 copies. Rob & Fab did not record or release any further music.

Over the next two years, the two stopped speaking to one another. Subsequently, Rob & Fab disbanded, and Taj Records soon went out of business. The 1993 Rob & Fab album was the last performance by Pilatus prior to his death in 1998. Morvan would not release another album until his 2003 solo work, Love Revolution.

Rob & Fab track listing
  1. "We Can Get It On"
  2. "Do I"
  3. "Please Don't Throw It All Away"
  4. "A Kiss 4 Now"
  5. "That's What My Heart Says"
  6. "Where Do We Go from Here?"
  7. "Get Ready"
  8. "Let's Do It"
  9. "I Just Want to Be Your Everything"
  10. "Land of the Free"
  11. "I Want You to Want Me"
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