River Westend

River Westend
The River Westend
Country England
Counties Derbyshire
 - left Grinah Grain, Fagney Clough, Ridge Clough
 - right Ravens Clough, Black Clough, Ditch Clough
 - location Bleaklow Stones, Bleaklow, Derbyshire
 - location Howden Reservoir, Derbyshire
 - coordinates 53°25′52″N 1°44′41″W / 53.43120°N 1.74467°W / 53.43120; -1.74467Coordinates: 53°25′52″N 1°44′41″W / 53.43120°N 1.74467°W / 53.43120; -1.74467
Length 3.2 km (2 mi) [1]
Basin 14.8 km2 (6 sq mi) [1]
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Progression : Westend—DerwentTrentHumber

The River Westend flows through the Dark Peak of the Derbyshire Peak District in England. Its source is at Bleaklow Stones on Bleaklow, from where it flows south east into a western arm of the Howden Reservoir. Its lower reaches run through a forestry plantation.

Tributaries of the river include the Ravens Clough, the Black Clough, the Fagney Clough, the Green Clough and the Grinah Grain.

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