River Ching

River Ching
Country England
River mouth River Lea

The River Ching is a tributary of the River Lea. It originates in Epping Forest and flows south and then west, joining the Lea by the Banbury Reservoir in South Chingford. It is dammed twice, the first time to form Connaught Water, in the parishes of Loughton and Waltham Abbey, and again at Highams Park. The river runs through Chingford, but the name of the river is a back-formation from the name of that area, rather than the town being named after the river.

In 2009, Thames Water announced a study aimed at reducing pollution of the river in its lower reaches caused by domestic waste water from sinks, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines.[1]

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Coordinates: 51°36′30″N 0°02′05″W / 51.6084°N 0.0346°W / 51.6084; -0.0346

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