For the island near Skyros, see Erinia.
Native name: Ρήνεια
Coordinates 37°24′32″N 25°13′44″E / 37.409°N 25.229°E / 37.409; 25.229Coordinates: 37°24′32″N 25°13′44″E / 37.409°N 25.229°E / 37.409; 25.229
Archipelago Cyclades
Area 14 km2 (5.4 sq mi)
Highest elevation 136 m (446 ft)
Region South Aegean
Regional unit Mykonos
Population 0 (2001)
Postal code 846 00
Area code(s) 22890
Vehicle registration EM

Rineia or Rhenea (Ρήνεια) is a Greek island in the Cyclades. It lies just west of the island of Delos and further southwest of the island of Mykonos, of which it and Delos are administratively a part. Its area is 14 km2 (5 sq mi). It had a small population until the 1980s, but is currently uninhabited. In ancient times the island was subdued by the tyrant Polycrates of Samos and dedicated to the Delian Apollo.

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