Ride of the Kings (Uprka)

Ride of the Kings
Czech: Jízda králů
Artist Joža Uprka
Year 1892 (1892)
Medium oil on canvas
Dimensions 173 cm × 312 cm (68 in × 123 in)
Location Moravian Gallery, Brno

The ride of Kings is a painting by the Czech artist Joža Uprka from 1892[1]


The picture is painted in oil on canvas and has dimensions of 173 x 312 cm.

The picture is part of the collection of the Moravian Gallery in Brno, Czech Republic.[1]


This iconic picture of Yozha MR captures the lives of people in villages in Moravian Slovakia, southeast of the Czech Republic. Recreates the folk festival is "Riding the Kings' 1900 festival is celebrated in the spring of Pentecost. The celebration begins with a church service and greeting the mayor, then follow the final preparations of the costumes of the participants and the decoration of the horses. Decorations and costumes are made by women and each one has a different color and pattern, depending on which village is participant. Participants were about 15-25 young men preceded by singers and honor guard with a sword that protects the King - a boy aged between 10 and 15 years, whose face was partially covered, but in his mouth holding a rose. The King and his entourage are dressed in women's clothes while everyone else are men's clothes.[1][2]


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