Richard Bohringer

Richard Bohringer

Richard Bohringer in 2012
Born (1942-01-16) 16 January 1942
Moulins, France
Occupation Actor, singer, author, film director, screenwriter

Richard Bohringer (born 16 January 1942) is a French actor.

Personal life

Bohringer was born in Moulins, Allier. He is the father of actress Romane Bohringer, and has three other children, Mathieu, Richard and Lou.


Besides acting Bohringer is also a musician, writer, and poet who has produced and directed several films.

Selected filmography

Richard Bohringer in 2006
Year Title Role Director
1977 Animal An assistant of Sergio Claude Zidi
1980 The Last Metro a Gestapo officer François Truffaut
Inspector Blunder fingerprint analyst Claude Zidi
La Boum a friend of François Claude Pinoteau
1981 Diva Gorodish Jean-Jacques Beineix
Les Uns et les Autres Richard Claude Lelouch
1982 Le Grand Pardon Le Sacristain Alexandre Arcady
1984 L'Addition Albert Lorca Denis Amar
1985 Death in a French Garden Daniel Forest Michel Deville
Subway the florist Luc Besson
1986 Kamikaze Romain Pascot Didier Grousset
1987 The Grand Highway Pelo Jean-Loup Hubert
Agent trouble Alex Jean-Pierre Mocky
Flag Inspecteur Simon Jacques Santi
1988 Door on the Left as You Leave the Elevator Boris Édouard Molinaro
1989 The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover Richard Borst Peter Greenaway
1990 Dames galantes Brantôme Jean-Charles Tacchella
1992 Confessions d'un Barjo Charles Jérôme Boivin
The Accompanist Chares Brice Claude Miller
1993 Tango Vincent Baraduc Patrice Leconte
1994 The Heart's Cry Paulo Idrissa Ouedraogo
1997 La Vérité si je mens ! Victor Benzakhem Thomas Gilou
Wild Animals the boss Kim Ki-duk
1999 Méditerranées Ramirez Philippe Bérenger
2001 The Cat's Meow the film director Peter Bogdanovich
2003 Crime Spree Laurent Bastaldi Brad Mirman
The Overeater Émile Lachaume Thierry Binisti
2006 A City Is Beautiful at Night Richard Richard Bohringer
2008 Admiral General Janin Andreï Kravtchouk
2015 By the Sea Patrice Angelina Jolie Pitt
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