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Walker's Rhyming Dictionary, one of the oldest, lists words in alphabetical order of the reversed word, with an appendix covering the differently spelled but homo-phonic endings.[1]


FeluccaacculefA small open boat, s.
AngelicaacilegnaA plant, s.
BasilicaacilisabThe middle vein of the arm, a.
Vomicaacimov An encysted tumour in the lungs, a.
PicaacipThe green sickness; a printing letter, a.
SciaticaacitaicsThe hip-gout, s.
AnasarcaacrasanaA sort of dropsy, or pitting of the flesh, s.
ArmadaadamraA large fleet of ships of war, s.
CassadaadassacAn American plant, s.
ColoquintidaaditniuqolocThe bitter apple, s.
AsafoetidaaditeofasaA stinking gum, s.
CredendaadnedercArticles of faith, s. plur.
PanaceaaecanapA universal medicine; an herh, a.
IdeaaediMental imagination, s.
BoheaaehobA species of tea, s.
LeaaelGrass land enclosed, s,
FleaaelfA troublesome insect, s. -r

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  1. J A Walker (1819). A rhyming dictionary.
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