Revolutionary Workers' Party (Spain)

For other similarly named political organizations, see Partido Obrero Revolucionario.
Revolutionary Workers' Party
Partido Obrero Revolucionario
Partit Obrer Revolucionari
Leader Aníbal Ramos
Founded 1974 (1974)
Merged into Now part of the United Left
Headquarters Barcelona
Newspaper Sin Muro and L'Aurora
Ideology Communism
Colors Red     
Parliament of Catalonia
1 / 135


Election symbol

The Revolutionary Workers' Party (Spanish: Partido Obrero Revolucionario, Catalan: Partit Obrer Revolucionari; POR) is a Spanish far-left group. It was founded in 1974 as the radical Anti-Francoist Revolutionary Workers' Party of Spain (Partido Obrero Revolucionario de España (PORE)), a name that it kept until 1983. This group was mainly active in the Barcelona area.

The POR is part of Izquierda Unida (United Left) through the internal group known as Redes.[2]


The party was led by Aníbal Ramos (Arturo van den Eynde) for thirty years. Its clandestine phase in General Franco's time was characterized by ferocious persecution by the Spanish police and the arrest and torture of many of its members. In order to avoid extensive arrests PORE organized itself in tight cells.

The harassment of this group by state security forces didn't abate after the dictator's death for PORE steadfastly opposed the Spanish transition to democracy which it saw as a mere continuation of Francoism. It also opposed the reformist policies of the government of Felipe González as well as the repression of the Basque National Liberation Movement, being one of the first to cry foul during the Spanish State's dirty war ("guerra sucia").[3]

PORE was renamed POR in 1983, eight years after the beginning of the political transition. This party keeps decentralized sections only in Catalonia, being part of Esquerra Unida i Alternativa (EUiA) as the Bastida faction. In the Basque Country a sector of POR that was integrated in Ezker Batua-Berdeak (EB-B) through Erabaki abandoned the coalition in 2011 in order to ask the vote for Amaiur;[4][5] meanwhile another sector kept within EB-B as the Sarea/Redes faction.

Internationally POR is part of the Fourth International. Its main publications are Sin Muro in Spanish and L'Aurora (Dawn) in the Catalan language.

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