Return to Frogtown

Frogtown 2
Directed by Donald G. Jackson
Produced by Scott Pfeiffer
Starring Robert Z'Dar
Edited by Chris Roth
Release dates
  • 1993 (1993)
Running time
87 min.
Country United States
Language English

Return to Frogtown (also known as Frogtown II) is a 1993 B movie. It is the sequel to the 1988 cult film Hell Comes to Frogtown. Like its predecessor, the film is set in a post-apocalyptic future where mutant frog-people are at war with mankind.

Robert Z'Dar plays the main character, Sam Hell, in place of Piper. In the film, Sam Hell infiltrates Frog Town again to rescue a Texas Rocket Ranger (played by Lou Ferrigno) who crash landed. In what may be a direct reference to his Incredible Hulk fame, Ferrigno's character is modified and turned into a frog-person, giving him superhuman strength. The film was directed by Donald G. Jackson.[1] Notable co-stars of the cast include: Don Stroud, Brion James, Charles Napier, Rhonda Shear.[1] The movie was followed by Max Hell Frog Warrior.


Although the Texas Rocket Rangers are depicted as an organization with several members, only one full-size rocket pack and helmet are ever shown on the screen at the same time.



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