Requiem for a Tower

"Requiem for a Tower" is a version of Clint Mansell's Lux Æterna/Requiem for a Dream, re-orchestrated with a choir and full orchestra for a The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers film and video game trailers.[1] It was arranged by Simone Benyacar, Daniel Nielsen, and Veigar Margeirsson.

Although never intended for release, after considerable demand by fans the re-recording(s) were made available as part of the Requiem for a Tower album release from Corner Stone Cues,[2] a subsidiary catalogue of Howling Entertainment.[3] While the release was originally made physically,[4] production was discontinued indefinitely with increased digital sales of the album on major electronic music distributors iTunes[5] and Amazon MP3.[6]

Monique Evans is a professional ballerina and her Miss Texas 2014 title-winning competition talent was performing ballet en pointe to "Requiem for a Tower".[7][8]

The popularity of the original song, "Lux Aeterna", led to its use in popular culture outside the film, most notably in film and teaser trailers along with being the theme song on Sky Sports News.


Corner Stone Cues Presents: "Requiem For A Tower"
Soundtrack album by Clint Mansell
Daniel Nielson
Simone Benyacar
Craig Stuart Garfinkle
Nathan Duvall
Released 26 March 2006[9]
Genre Trailer Score
Length 24:46
Producer ℗ 2010 Corner Stone Cues, Howling Entertainment

Composers recorded nine new tracks in Seattle to accompany the three movements of Requiem:[3]

Corner Stone Cues Presents: Requiem For A Tower (24:46)
1."Requiem For A Tower Mvt II" (Veigar Margeirsson / Clint Mansell)0:57
2."Requiem For A Tower Mvt III" (Simone Benyacar / Craig Stuart Garfinkle / Clint Mansell)0:49
3."Requiem For A Tower Mvt IV" (Dan Nielsen / Clint Mansell)0:41
4."Wicked"  2:39
5."J.B.D."  2:26
6."Betrayal & Redemption"  2:40
7."Threshold"  2:03
8."Shining Path (L.U.2.P.)"  2:39
9."Leather Tomb"  1:58
10."Ghost in the Trees"  2:06
11."Azure"  4:16
12."Forest Chase"  1:34


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