Republic of China Naval Academy

Coordinates: 24°42′14″N 120°17′23″E / 24.70389°N 120.28972°E / 24.70389; 120.28972

Republic of China Naval Academy
Established January 1912 (in Mainland China)
September 1949 (in Taiwan)[1]
Location Zuoying, Kaohsiung,  Republic of China

The Republic of China Naval Academy (CNA; Chinese: 中華民國海軍軍官學校; pinyin: Zhōnghuámínguó Hǎijūn Jūnguān Xuéxiào) is the military academy for the navy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and is located at Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

Republic of China Naval Academy


School of Academic Studies

General Education Center

School of Military Studies



The academy is accessible West from World Games Station of the Kaohsiung MRT.

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