Renal capsule

Not to be confused with glomerular capsule.
Noah's capsule

Transverse section, showing the relations of the capsule of the kidney. (Labeled as "adipose capsule".)
System Urinary system
Latin Capsula fibrosa renis

Anatomical terminology

The renal capsule is a tough fibrous layer surrounding the kidney and covered in a thick layer of perinephric adipose tissue. It provides some protection from trauma and damage.

The renal capsule relates to the other layers in the following order (moving from innermost to outermost):

  1. renal medulla
  2. renal cortex
  3. renal capsule
  4. perinephric fat (or "perirenal fat")
  5. renal fascia
  6. paranephric fat (or "pararenal fat")
  7. peritoneum (anteriorly), and transversalis fascia (posteriorly).

Adipose capsule

The perinephric fat may be regarded as a part of the renal capsule, called the adipose capsule of kidney.

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