Remission & Bites

Not to be confused with Bites and Remission.
Remission & Bites
Compilation album by Skinny Puppy
Released 1987
Recorded 1984-85
Genre Industrial
Length 64:17
Label Play It Again Sam
Skinny Puppy chronology
Bites and Remission
Remission & Bites
Cleanse Fold and Manipulate

Remission & Bites is a compilation by Skinny Puppy released on Play It Again Sam in 1987.[1] The release of this compilation coincides with that of Bites and Remission and contains many of the same songs, albeit in a different context. This release is, to date, the only CD pressing of Skinny Puppy's first two albums in their original form. While the audio is free of any song-splicing or bonus tracks, the inserts contain a number of shortcomings.

Track listing

1."Smothered Hope"  5:14
2."Glass Houses"  3:24
3."Far Too Frail"  3:41
4."Solvent"  4:37
5."Sleeping Beast"  6:01
6."...Brap"  1:12
7."Assimilate"  6:54
8."The Choke"  6:30
9."Blood on the Wall"  2:57
10."Church"  3:12
11."Dead Lines"  6:11
12."Last Call"  5:54
13."Basement"  3:28
14."Tomorrow"  4:54



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