Regions of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRC regions and locations of nuclear reactors, 2008
Map of the NRC Regions

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has divided the US territory into four regions:[1]

Region HQ Location Reactor NPP sites
Region I[2] King of Prussia, Pennsylvania North-east 26 17
Region II[3] Atlanta, Georgia South-east 32 18
Region III[4] Lisle, Illinois Northern mid-west 23 16
Region IV[5] Arlington, Texas Southern midwest and west 19 14
Total 100 65


These four regions oversee the operation of 104 power-producing reactors, and 36 non-power-producing reactors. This oversight is done on several levels, for example:

Former regions

The NRC previously had five regions. Region V was headquartered in Walnut Creek, California and was responsible for activities in the seven far-west states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. The NRC decided in September 1993 to consolidate Regions IV and V into a single Region headquartered in Arlington, Texas.[7] On April 4, 1994, NRC Region V was abolished, and the NRC Region IV office in Arlington, Texas was given expanded responsibilities to include the seven states formerly governed by Region V.[8][9] The former NRC Region V office in Walnut Creek remained open as the redesignated Walnut Creek Field Office, supporting resident inspection activities at power plants in the Pacific states of Washington, Oregon and California[8] until October 1, 1998, when the Walnut Creek Field Office was abolished to further reduce costs.[10][11][12][13]


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