RatDVD (originally stylized "ratDVD") is the name of a proprietary container format for digital video, developed by Peter Jensen and a group of Russian and Danish university students.[1] The container format is a compressed archive format that holds all features of DVD-Video in a single file. Unlike other container formats like Matroska, it is designed to accurately mirror the exact feature set of standard video DVDs, facilitating round-tripping back to the DVD-Video format.[1]

RatDVD files are created by a computer program of the same name.[1] The video portion of a RatDVD file is compression by a proprietary video codec named "XEB",[2] thus significantly reducing the overall size: A typical DVD (usually above 4 gigabytes) can be compressed to about 1 or 2 GB, with some loss in video quality due to recompression.[3] The resulting RatDVD file can then be played directly in a computer (as long as the needed codec has been installed) by a DirectShow-compatible DVD player, or converted back into standard DVD format.[1]

RatDVD program is freeware and works on Microsoft Windows. The last version of this freeware was 0.78 and was released in 2005.[4] The program does not support copy-protected DVDs.[3]


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