Ramiz Rovshan

Ramiz Rovshan
Born (1946-12-15) December 15, 1946
Baku, Azerbaijan SSR
Occupation Writer

Ramiz Mammadali Oglu Aliev (Azerbaijani: Ramiz Məmmədəli oğlu Əliyev) (15 December 1946, Amirjan, Baku - ) better known by his pen name Rovshan (Azerbaijani: Rövşən) is Azerbaijani poet, writer and translator.

Poet and film script writer Ramiz Rovshan was born in Baku on December 15, 1946. Rovshan graduated from the Philology Faculty of Azerbaijan State University (1969). He took a two-year filmmaking course in Moscow in 1978. He is the author of several poetry books such as "One Rainy Song" (1970), "The Sky Can’t Hold a Stone" (1987) and "Butterfly Wings" (1999), novels and stories "Stone" (1979), "Pain" (1978), "Stories of Amirjan" (2001), "Breath" (2006) etc.

Several films are based on his scripts: "The Grandfather of my Grandfather's Grandfather" (1981), "The reapers from City" (1985), "The Pain of Milk Tooth" (1988), "Strange Time" (1996) (This movie was awarded with "The Best Movie" at the First International Madrid Film Festival in 1997), "The Melody of Place" (2001), etc.

Rovshan’s poems and stories have been translated into most of the languages of former Soviet Republics and published in the USA, Germany, UK, France, Poland, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Iran.

Currently Ramiz Rovshan is the Editor-in-chief of "Azerbaijanfilm" film studio. He is a member of Azerbaijan Writers’ Union and Republican Council of Media. He also is the chairman of the Committee of "Struggle against election fraud and repressions".



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