Rabotnichesko Delo

Rabotnichesko Delo (Bulgarian: Работническо дело, "Workers' Deed") was a leftist Bulgarian newspaper that was the organ of the Bulgarian Communist Party's Central Committee[1] and was one of the People's Republic of Bulgaria's highest-circulation newspapers. The newspaper was established in 1927 and was issued from Sofia.[1] The paper was renamed to Duma in 1990. Duma, despite some financial troubles, is still issued today.

Rabotnichesko Delo was initially the weekly of the Bulgarian Workers' Party. Although it was banned following the Bulgarian coup d'état of 1934, it was nevertheless published illegally until 1944. In 1938, it merged with Rabotnicheski Vestnik, the Bulgarian Communist Party's newspaper, founded in 1897. Rabotnichesko Delo criticized the bourgeois government, propagated the ideas of communism and was against the country's participation in World War as part of the Axis Powers, advocating closer ties with the Soviet Union instead.

After the Bulgarian coup d'état of 1944, the newspaper was elevated to become the ruling party's main propaganda tool.


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