For the RF-8 Crusader, see F-8 Crusader.
RF-8 aerosani
Place of origin  Soviet Union
Weight 0.892 t (1,970 lb)
Length 5.110 m
Width 2.525 m
Height 2.710 m
Crew 2

Armor none
7.62mm machine gun
hand grenades
Engine 3.3L GAZ M-1 I4 (RF-8/GAZ-98)
8.6L (525 ci) Shvetsov M-11 air-cooled five-cylinder radial (GAZ-98K)
50 hp (37 kW) (RF-8/GAZ-98)
110 hp (82 kW) (GAZ-98K)
Power/weight 56 hp/tonne (RF-8/GAZ-98)
123 hp/tonne (GAZ-98K)
Suspension skis
Speed 50 km/h (31 mph)

The RF-8, or GAZ-98, was an aerosan used by the Soviet Union during the Second World War and developed by Gorki Narkorechflota. The GAZ-98K was a version with a more powerful GAZ Shvetsov M-11 five-cylinder air-cooled 110-hp radial aviation engine in place of the standard automotive engine.

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