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R102 road
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Length: 10.8 km[1] [2] (6.7 mi)



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The R102 road is a regional road in Dublin, Ireland, which describes a broad arc across the north of the city, connecting the N3 (Navan Road) — at its M50 motorway intersection — to the R107 (Malahide Road) on the other side of the city.

The first section of the route starts from the N3 and closely follows the River Tolka through Dunsink, Scribblestown, and Ashtown. It then hugs the border of Tolka Valley Park until it reaches the N2 in southern Finglas.

The R102 resumes after the traveller has gone 230 metres south on the N2 (Finglas Road) to join the second section of the route.

The second section begins heading east on the Old Finglas Road. A brief 200 metres swing to the north along Tolka Estate and a turn to the east takes the road to Griffith Avenue. The R102 stays on Griffith Avenue, passing through southern Glasnevin, Marino and touching Fairview and Clontarf until its terminal junction at the R107 (Malahide Road) (the line of the road is continued by a small road leading to the Howth Road). Along the way, it crosses the R108 (St. Mobhi Road/Ballymun Road), the N1 (Upper Drumcondra Road/Swords Road), and crosses over the M1 motorway. [3]

The official description of the R102 from the Roads Act 1993 (Classification of Regional Roads) Order 2006 [3] reads:

R102: Blanchardstown - Malahide Road, Dublin
Between its junction with N3 at Blanchardstown Bypass in the county of Fingal and its junction with N2 at Finglas Road in the city of Dublin via Dunsink Lane and River Road in the county of Fingal: River Road, Ratoath Road and Tolka Valley Road in the city of Dublin
between its junction with N2 at Finglas Road and its junction with R107 at Malahide Road via Old Finglas Road, Tolka Estate Road, Griffith Avenue Extension and Griffith Avenue all in the city of Dublin.

The road is 10.8 kilometres (6.7 mi) long. [1] [2]

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