Seljuq sultans of Rum
Reign ? –
Predecessor Aslan Yabgu
Successor Suleiman ibn Qutulmish
House Seljuks
Father Aslan Yabgu

Qutalmish (Old Anatolian Turkish: قُتَلمِش, Persian: قتلمش) (alternative spellings: Qutulmush, Kutalmish, Kutalmış) was a Turkic prince who was a member of Seljukid house in the 11th century. His son Suleyman /or Suleiman), founded the Sultanate of Rum in what is now Turkey.

Sultanate of Rûm

Kutalmish was the son of Arslan Yabgu and a cousin of Tughril and played a vital role in the conquests of the Seljuq Turks. In 1046, he was sent with an army by Tughril to force back the Byzantine army at Ganja and was victorious.[1]

He supported a rebellion against Tughril and contested the succession to the throne with Alp Arslan. (see Battle of Damghan (1063)) According to the historian Ali ibn al-Athir, Kutalmish knew the sciences of the stars.[2] His son, Suleiman, was appointed Sultan of Rûm by Malik Shah I in 1073.


Kutalmış is a common masculine Turkish given name, which is used in memory of Kutalmısh.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Arslan Yabgu
Seljuk Prince Succeeded by
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