Queen's Fire Service Medal

Queen's Fire Service Medal

QFSM ribbons for Gallantry (left) and Distinguished Service (right)
Awarded by United Kingdom and Commonwealth
Type Medal
Eligibility Members of the Fire Services
Awarded for 'acts of exceptional courage and skill at the cost of their lives' or for the 'exhibition of conspicuous devotion to duty'.[1]
Post-nominals QFSM
Established 19 May 1954
Order of Wear
Next (higher) Queen's Police Medal, for Gallantry (QFSM for gallantry)
Queen's Police Medal, for Distinguished Service (QFSM for service)[2]
Next (lower) Royal West African Frontier Force Distinguished Conduct Medal (QFSM for gallantry)[2]
Queen's Ambulance Service Medal (QFSM for service)[3]

The Queen's Fire Service Medal is awarded to members of the fire services in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth of Nations for distinguished service or gallantry. It was introduced on 19 May 1954 when it replaced the King's Fire Service Medal. Recipients may use the post-nominal letters “QFSM.”

The most common form of the award is the Queen's Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service. The equivalent medal for gallantry, the Queen's Fire Service Medal for Gallantry, is now rarely awarded. Acts of gallantry in the fire service would, since 1977, normally attract the George Medal or Queen's Gallantry Medal.


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