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The logo of Quality Save.
The logo of Quality Save.

Quality Save is a chain of thrift stores operating in northern England. The Quality Save Head Office/Store is in Swinton.[1]


Quality Save was founded in 1974 by Bob Rudkin. He started off with an indoor market stall in Walkden and a small shop in Farnworth.[2] The company opened more outlets over time.[1]

In 2010, stores began playing a clip every fifteen minutes reminding customers of their "Star Buy" deals, their cheap prices in comparison to pound stores, and the company's alcohol policy. These clips end with the company's name and their slogan: "Quality Save. Quality Brands - Quality Prices".

In 2012, closed an outlet in Barnsley to open a much bigger one a few feet down the road. They also closed a temporary unit in Urmston and opened a new one in the Eden Square Shopping Centre.

In 2015, the Middleton branch of Quality Save was closed and a superstore was launched in the ex tesco unit next door. It is also now confirmed that their biggest ever superstore will open in early 2017 in Walkden, the town where the company was first founded on a market stall.


Quality Save has a total of 22 stores. They can usually be found in major shopping streets and shopping centres. Stores range from small to medium outlets. Quality Save's largest store is in the Stretford Mall. They acquired some of the former Woolworths outlets.[3]

Although the official slogan for the company is "Quality Brands - Quality Prices", the Quality Save stores carrying old signs display the Home Bargains slogan: "Top Brands - Bottom Prices".


Stores have a red and sky blue logo. They used to have a logo more similar to that of Home Bargains, later changed to avoid confusion between the two companies. Many Quality Save stores, however, retain the old logo.

Home Bargains

They are supplied for by TJ Morris LTD. Because of this, Quality Save is often confused with Home Bargains.


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