Qolobaa Calankeed

Qoloba Calankeed
English: Praise to the flag

National anthem of  Somalia

Also known as Qoloba Calenkeedu Waa Cayn oo
Lyrics Abdullahi Qarshe, 1959
Music Abdullahi Qarshe, 1959
Adopted 1 August 2012

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Qoloba Calankeed

Qoloba Calankeed is the national anthem of the Federal Republic of Somalia.


It was written and sung by Abdullahi Qarshe. Even though Soomaaliyeey Toosoo is often used as national anthem, the official national anthem for Somalia is Qoloba Calankeed.

Somali lyrics

Qoloba calankeen,
Dur waa cayn oo,
Innaga keenu waa,
Cirka oo kale ee,
Oo aan caadna lahayn,
Ee caashaqa ee.
Xidig yahay caddi waa aad,
Noo ciidamisee,
Carrada keligaa,
Adaa u curad ee,
Cadceedda sideeda,
Caan noqo ee.
Sidii culaygii,
Ciiddaad marisee,
Alloow ha ku celin,
Alloow ha ku celin.

English lyrics

Any nation’s flag, bears its own color
The sky (above us), does ours look like
Defects it has none; love it with candor
Oh you White Star, at your service we are
Superior you are, in any part of our land
Be famous oh Star, like the sun (of the far)
On the day you arose, our hearts you have
Purified with pureness, (Oh you our flag)
Lord may not dim you, pray we in this night
The detached part of, our forces of five
I beseech from God, their return you cause
This fate that wrote, for us to meet now

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