Qingfeng County

Coordinates: 35°53′N 115°05′E / 35.883°N 115.083°E / 35.883; 115.083

Qingfeng County
Traditional Chinese 清豐縣
Simplified Chinese 清丰县

Qingfeng County is under the administrative control of Puyang, Henan. In the Han Dynasty, Dunqiu County (simplified Chinese: 顿丘; traditional Chinese: 頓丘) was located somewhere near this area, possibly to the southwest of the modern day county. At the time, it was a part of Dong Commandery (simplified Chinese: 东郡; traditional Chinese: 東郡). Cao Cao was made governor of Dunqiu County, following his assignment as Captain of the Northern District (北都尉) of Luoyang (the capital at that time).


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