Pulled pork

Pork being pulled with a fork
Pulled pork over boiled rice
A pulled-pork sandwich

Pulled pork is a method of cooking pork where what would otherwise be a tough cut of meat is cooked slowly at low temperatures, allowing the meat to become tender enough so that it can be "pulled", or easily broken into individual pieces.

Pulled pork is found around the world in a variety of forms.


Pulled pork, usually shoulder cut (sometimes referred to as mixed cuts), is commonly slow-cooked by a smoking method, though a non-barbecue method might also be employed using a slow cooker or a domestic oven. In rural areas across the United States, either a pig roast/whole hog, mixed cuts of the pig/hog, or the shoulder cut (Boston Butt) alone are commonly used, and the pork is served with or without a vinegar-based sauce.[1] Before cooking, it is common to soak the meat in brine; it provides the extra moisture needed for a long, slow cooking process.

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