Public holidays in Somalia

Public holidays in Somalia are based on two official calendar systems: the Gregorian calendar primarily, and the Islamic lunar calendar for religious holidays.

Date English name Local name
Gregorian calendar
1 January New Year
1 May Labour Day
26 June Independence of British Somaliland
1 July Independence Day — marks the scheduled union of Trust Territory of Somaliland (former Italian Somaliland) and former British Somaliland in 1960 to form Somali Republic (Somalia)
Islamic lunar calendar
12 Rabi'-ul-Awwal Birthday of Muhammad Mawlid Nabi
27 Rajab Muhammad's Ascension to Heaven Mi'raaj Nabi
1 Shawwal End of Ramadan Eid ul-Fitr
10 Dhul Hijja Feast of Sacrifice Eid Al Adha
1 Muharram Muslim New Year
10 Muharram Ashura

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